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DIY Feather Art

Happy Fall Everyone! It’s time for some DIY feather art!Once again, I am thrilled to be here sharing another project with you from my blog-City Farmhouse.I hope you ALL had a wonderful summer:).It is bittersweet to see summer go but I always love the change of seasons here in NY.Living coastally is a blessing,we get to enjoy life at the beach, even through the fall.Being that we(my little family) spend many days at the beach it gives us plenty of opportunity to collect many lovely things found in nature.This past summer my boys & I began collecting driftwood and  shells(a staple:)) .It is really such a sweet & beautiful experience to share these small moments with your children, isn’t it? We saw a lot of feathers on the beach and were inspired to create DIY feather art.

DIY Feather Art by City Farmhouse with craft store feathers

Ed. note: Certain migratory bird feathers, and nests are illegal to pick up off the ground and collect due to the migratory bird treaty act of 1918. Unless you know the legal species ,we recommend purchasing your feathers for crafting from the craft stores or a reputable on-line resource.


Create art from the things you collect & love-City Farmhouse DIY craft store feather art

This project is so simple & easy.

And it is the perfect addition to your FALL décor with all of the natural textures and neutral tones:).

1. Start with  feathers purchased from the craft store and on-line from a reputable source.

2. I Rummaged through my frame collection and found a few different sizes to use.

3. I took some drop cloth fabric and sprayed tacky spray to the front of the backs of the frames.

4. I trimmed the excess, then sprayed the backs of each feather and adhered it to my fabric.

5. I added a matte to each frame, inserted the glass and ta-da.

DIY Feather Art -Easy Fall Project with craft store feathers

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