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DIY clay bird and feather wall hanging

I have always loved working with clay. It’s one of those things I can get my hands into and zone out for hours. I made a DIY clay bird and feather wall hanging out of clay to share with you.If you’ve never worked with Paperclay , it’s a pretty awesome medium. It’s very mold-able and very forgiving, and dries really fast. I love making art dolls with it as well. Which reminds me, I have a class coming up soon, details to follow!!!

To cut out the birds, I used an image from the Graphics Fairy as a template.

Use a Graphics fairy vintage bird illustration clip art as a template

I just traced around it, removed the excess clay, and patted down any rough edges. Paperclay takes about a day to dry before it’s ready for paint.

I like working on wax paper when I clay play with it because it’s very easy to move it, or remove it off your surface. And it makes the clean up really easy.

Trace your vintage bird image and cut out.

To make the feathers, I make a “snake” and pressed it flat.

To make paper clay feathers make a roll and flatten

Then I took a clay tool, or a flat edge and pressed it into the clay angling the edge upward.

To make a paper clay feather press your roll flat and make marks with a flat edge.

Once they were completely dry, I painted them with acrylic paint.

Paint your clay birds with acrylic paint

After the first coats fry, you can get fancy and decorate them however you like!

Paint your clay bohemian feathers when dry with acrylic paint

I got a little fancy with the feathers. 🙂

I also added scrapbooking grommets

Paint your clay feathers with acrylic paint for a colorful, bohemian look. Add grommets to strengthen holes

Once everything is dry, you are ready to hang. I used a branch form my yard, and embroidery floss. The floss had a more delicate feel than twine or string.

Tie your branch with embroidery floss

I picked a pale pink color and tied it with a modified blanket stitch.

Make a DIY clay bird and feather wall hanging

I staggered the heights of the birds and feathers.

Use a branch to hang a DIY clay wall hanging

I also painted the birds a bit fancy too.

Make thses DIY clay bird and feather with paperclay

Make thse DIY clay birds with boho style

It adds a nice pop of color against a white wall.

Wall hanging made from paper clay and branch

If you’ve never worked with paperclay, it’s something to really get out and dig into. I think it fulfills that whole “playing with mud” thing I used to do as a child. 🙂

I hope you grab some clay and try this DIY clay bird and feather wall hanging!

You can find the Graphics fairy bird image here.

You can find Paperclay

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