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Welcome to My Fall Home! The Finding Fall Home Tour

Welcome to my Fall home! I am so blessed to be a part of  Finding Home’s Finding fall tour and to have you here today to bring you tons of Fall inspiration! If you missed the beginning, make sure you pop back over to day one to start the entire tour! Welcome  to My Fall Home-The Finding Fall Home Tour and welcome if you are coming over from the amazing  At the Picket Fence!!I can’t wait to show you my home!

Bohemian fall dining room with chairs and white table and lantern over the table

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my spaces. We are still living on our main floor but somehow everything just works! I’ve been embracing more color lately and have been using this fall to really bring it in! I brought our map upstairs from the family room to put above the mantel. I loved the warm colors with the drapes.

Fall dining table display with pumpkins and berries

This lantern was a Restore find.I love the bit of black in the room and how rustic it makes things feel.

Graped vine wreaths with house numbers on them on the backs of chairs in the My Fall Home-The Finding Fall Home Tour

These wreaths are the perfect accent! They are just grapevine wreaths with house numbers on them from the hardware store.I am starting to leave my all neutral phase and head towards more color and black. I really like mixing it up. I am going from a “decorating rules” phase to anything goes!

Wreath with house number in fall decor and pumpkins on the table

Fall mantel decor with a cotton garland and owl candles and a lantern

And I love this owl he’s super cute and I found him for $9 at the Walmart!

Owl and clocks for fall decor with a giant map

For my Fall home, I put some of my vintage clocks around him and a few mini-pumpkins. Sometimes simple decorating is the best kind. Like decorating for fall with natural decor.

mini white pumpkin on vintage scale and book

Now that we’ve looked at the dining room, come on into the kitchen!!!

Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen in Fall white island and cabinets, a stool in front, a fancy chandelier and green apples on the island

I try to keep the kitchen simple. I need most of the space for food prep, but a few mini-pumpkins always make  great and inexpensive decor that don’t take up a lot of space!

Kitchen decor and staging with a wood bowl and green apples and wine bottle

I also love edible decor like these apples.These won’t last very long in my house. There was already one missing this morning from the top of the pile.  My family just can’t seem to stop eating the props?

Vintage wood cutting boards with numbers stenciled on them and small pumpkins

I had found these vintage cutting  boards at the thrift store. I added some special numbers to them.:)

Fall kitchen sink with pumpkins as decor and silver vintage style sink faucet and brown soap bottle

And I wanted to dress up  the sink area just a bit. Our local landscape shop had these little birch rounds for a few dollars a piece! I like the mini-pumpkins on them.

Kitchen decor for Fall with fall plates and mini pumpkins

Can I tell you how much I love this owl plate from Homegoods?Everyone needs one angry owl in their kitchen.And I have cloches right now on top of my hutch.  They look pretty in the sunlight.

Hutch iwth leaves for Fall and dishes inside with glass cloches

I made this festive fall leaf banner. I’ll show you how to make it here!

glass cloches and fall leaf banner made from old plaid shirts on a hutch

plaid fall leaf banner made into a leaf shape

Have a seat in the living room! I added more color with pillows.

Blankets in baskets for Hygge and fall and winter living room decor

I love how it so easy to change the decor for the seasons with pillows.

Owl from Hmegoods with small pumpkin

Thank you so much for stopping by My Fall Home-The Finding Fall Home Tour!!! To see my more current home. You can see this post here. Tomorrow the tour continues with The Handmade home! 


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    1. Thanks Kathy!I feel the same way!It’s hard to really decorate the kitchen since it’s the busiest room!

  1. Hi Jennifer – love all your fall details. I was curious about your chandelier in your kitchen – it is awesome. I am in the market for a gold chandelier like this one and have been shopping around for one. Is this vintage or is it from a store online that you could recommend. My email is cherneeshouse@gmail.com.


  2. It’s all so lovely Jen!! I love your mantel with the Map, Cotton and your cute Walmart Owl! Your blue pumpkins are so pretty too!! I’m off to pin some of your gorgeous photos!

  3. Love it all especially the owl. I have an owl and several owl and bird pictures. Where did you get your map? It’s nice.

  4. Hi Jen, It all looks really really nice. You are so good at decorating. I love your taste and the simplicity of everything. You give me so much inspiration.

  5. Wow, soooo beautiful Jen!!! I’m going to pin all of it! So fresh!!! You know I need one of those plaid leaf banners!

  6. Jen, your home is gorgeous! I tried going all white and neutral but the color lover in me could not be contained! I’m back to having color everywhere! I love following you. Keep up the great work.

  7. WHERE did you get that big blue (teal?) owl?? and those pumpkins on your dining room table??? LOVE!!!!

  8. Everything is so pretty! Sunny and bright, but still cozy and perfect for fall. Love the owl collection and your pretty kitchen sink with pumpkins. Lovely!

  9. You have done a wonderful job bringing in color. (Love the map & curtains) It’s refreshing to see accessories that aren’t all white~

  10. It is gorgeous Jen, everything! I really like the pops of color you have added, I have been doing the same (moving out of my comfort zone) 🙂 Hey, the family is eating the props but it looks like your drinking the props. Just kidding.
    Lots of Love

  11. I love your home but did you think you would get by without telling us where the three owl pillow on your sofa is from? Please share.

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! It’s all amazing Jen and I’m loving those wreaths with the numbers on the backs of the chairs. Actually I’m loving everything! So glad to be part of the tour with you and your talented self. 🙂

  13. thank you for the tour. I am like you, but my kitchen is much smaller and no island and the washer/ dryer in the kitchen. my home is 50 yrs. old. I like the bold print of your dn. rm . drapes with white lining. I have a small office/ bd.rm. for grandkids visit. I was at the thrift store and fell in love with these drapes. They were brand new, the pennys tag was new. lined cream background , with floral, leaves, grapes and leaves. My twin bed has a comforter yellow, blue and whit trim, blue and white skirt. the top of comforter is green leaves, blue and periwinkle flowers. So I got brave and bought the drapes and hung them up. I like, but I am not a designer.

  14. Your home is MARVELOUS! Love all the warm, fall touches you’ve added. Where did you find your cotton garland used on the mantel? Love that….

  15. Great style and on a realistic budget!! LOVE your curtains!! Can you tell me where you got them or the fabric to make them?!?

    1. I actually got them at Cost plus world market. It could have cost me more to buy the fabric than to buy the drapes!

  16. I am in loooooove with your home. And I’m dying over your dining room chairs and how to added the ribbon, wreath and embellishment. I have those same cross-backed chairs and I may just copy you because I want to look at yours ALL. DAY. LONG. 🙂 Beautifully done, Jen!

      1. I found them at Hobby Lobby in the floral section by the fake fruit. They had a couple of cute kinds!

  17. Love your beautifully decorated fall home Jen! Your vine wreaths on your chairs are so pretty!Love your black lantern too!

  18. Ahhhhhh, Jennifer… yours is officially now my favoritest home of the Fall Tour so far! <3 all the teal mixed with sophisticated smatterings of orange! I for one am loving the new colorful style! (And I loved your old one, too…)

  19. Where did you find the cotton garland on the mantel? Dying to know what the sign behind your scale says too!, house looks great!

  20. It all looks so nice! I’m just visiting after seeing it featured on the Turquoise Home blog! I just had to find out WHERE did you get that map???? I absolutely love it, but then again I have a sorta map fetish 😉 But it really is gorgeous…

  21. Your place looks fabulous! I love all the color and I especially love the curtains in your dining room! I was wondering if you made them or bought them and if bought, where? Thanks!
    Happy fall!

  22. Beautiful home! Where did you get your sofa? Ours is going on 12 years and I’m overwhelmed with all that buying new furniture entails. I want furniture that will last long and the lines of your sofa look very elegant and casual at the same time. Thank you for any information:)

    1. IT was actually my grandmothers and I had it reupholstered. Ballard designs has a similar one though.

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