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Make Book Page Paper Butterflies

I made these sweet Book Page Paper Butterflies for a creative project. for Belle Inspiration as a contributor. It is a gorgeous on-line lifestyle magazine made by the fabulous and lovely Mimi Bleu of Bonjour Romance. I just did an article on how to make paper butterflies, like those in my girls’ room. And I am so honored to contribute and share how to make book page paper butterlies with you here as well!
Paper book page butterfly heart with words

These book page butterflies are so easy to make! If you hate cutting a part old books, just grab some from the Dollar Store.

To make your book page butterflies, simply cut a loose butterfly out of old book pages, sheet music or other vintage paper (if you hate cutting up old books, grab some new ones from the Dollar Store). What really helps to make the project easy is to fold your paper in half and then tract the loose design in pencil first. Kind of similar to how you made a paper heart in third grade in elementary school.  A butterfly out line can be as easy as a small half heart and large half heart flipped on each other.

Here is a butterfly template to use to make your own, just save to your computer and print. You can also use it to make these sweet butterfly decorative sticks using old wallpaper scraps or scrapbook paper that you can use in plants, on cakes or for other decor.

Butterfly wing template

If you don’t want to use the originals of you vintage paperwork (which I totally understand!), copy them on a copier and use those. After cutting out the paper butterflies, print some loving or inspiring words out of your printer, then cut those out and glue on with a glue stick. These can be used for decor, a tag on a gift or to add to a mixed media art piece. To mix it up, you can also use scrapbook or wrapping paper and make it really colorful, or for a touch of whimsy, make two layers and use tissue paper for an airy quality! I used these to  decorate in my girl’s bedroom.

Book page butterflies frames in vintage painted frames for girl's room decorating idea on a beige wall

I doubled up some of my larger and smaller butterflies to create layers of wings. Just work from large to small wings to create different sizes and use either  double sided tape, glue, or glue dots to adhere them together.

Beige girl's bedroom decorating idea with butterflies

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