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Easy Kraft Paper and Paint Table Runner

I’m excited to announce I am joining the Thrifty Style Team to bring you fun, budget-friendly decorating projects!  It gives me a great opportunity to try new and creative things. I recently made a DIY wood branch wreath, and added paint and paper faux leaves to it. I had some left over paper supplies at the time, and thought it would be fun to create an easy kraft paper and paint table runner!

Outdoor fall setting with branches, grass and a DIY kraft apper table runner

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This table runner is  so inexpensive to make! I used extra packing paper we had laying around. I thought the crinkles added to the texture. If you don’t like the creases, you can buy a roll of kraft paper on Amazon.

Supplies for making a paint splotch kraft paper table runner

You’ll need  a brown kraft paper roll, acrylic paint,a hole punch, and some yarn. That’s it…it’s so easy!

Start by dripping your paint on the paper

Start by dribbling your paint on the paper. I mixed-in tones of gold, green, and a burnt orange color. How you pattern ends up depends on how you dribble the paint, and how you fold the paper.

Fold your paper in half to create your pattern

I folded mine in half , and then opened it, and did it again length-wise.

Press on the kraft paper to smear the paint

Press the paper down all over to smoosh the paint together.

Open your paper and let dry

Once you open your paper, lay it flat and let it dry. After it’s dry, use a hole punch at the ends so you can hang your yarn tassels.

To make a yarn tassel, loop your yarn through the hole.

To hang a  yarn tassel, simply loop two ends through the hole, and then carefully pull them through the remaining yarn loop. Pull carefully so the paper doesn’t rip.

Loose yarn fringe tasssel in a kraft paper table riunner

Once your yarn is hung through all of the holes, trim the bottom so they are even.

Kraft paper paint splotch table runner

That’s it!  You’re ready to set a fun fall table! I used grasses from my yard in recycled bottles, and wood slices from a tree we lost. I  hare how I made these cool tree branch candle holders here.

Fall table setting with natural DIY decor

I love adding natural decor and being able to use what I  have, like these grass plumes in recycled bottles. A few years ago, I started planting our yard with plants and shrubs I would want to be able to cut to decorate with. I have a few varieties of grasses now, and they are so fun to mix into everyday decor.

Outdoor fall setting with branches, grass plumes in recycled bottles, and a DIY kraft paper table runner

The candles were the most extensive item on the table! I think they were $5 for a pack of 6!

Fall table setting with grasses, tree branches, and paper.

I hope you loved this thrifty project and fall decorating idea! Make sure to visit everyone else on the Thrifty Style Team below!

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  1. Pinned. I think it looks like a festive runner for Thanksgiving, and the crinkles are great especially because you’re reusing what you had. And welcome to Thrifty Style Team, nice thrifty start!

    1. Thank you! It would be great for holidays because you can toss it when someone spills gravy on it!

  2. This is so pretty, Jen! I love it. I use kraft paper and leftover packing paper all the time but never used it for something this unique. The addition of the paint and the tassels makes it so boho chic.

  3. Hey Jenn! Glad you joined up to the TST also! I’m excited to get some DIY projects on the blog again! Your table runner is super cute! This would be perfect for a Thanksgiving table display.

    PS- as I type this comment I’m being mesmerized by all of your painting videos over in the side bar player. You’re so stinking talented my friend!

  4. Thanks for sharing your creativity, Jen! I really like your table runner. My family will really enjoy creating something like this. It will certainly be a lot of fun having you on the thrifty style team. Happy Fall!

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