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Maple Branch DIY Twig Wreath

There’s something about fall that makes me want to get all nest-y and crafty. This Maple Branch DIY Twig Wreath project is fun and uses fresh FREE twigs from your yard. I wanted to show you in this next series about tree branch crafts and decor, how you can create some really awesome DIY from free found wood. If you’re not sure why the next few posts are about tree branch crafts, make sure you check out this post.   If you don’t happen to have a giant limb that nearly misses taking out the power lines in your yard, you can also do a gentle pruning from an established tree. You just need to gather about 15 bendable branches from your tree, or a neighbors tree if you’re sneaky enough (ha ha, just kidding!).

Create a DIY twig wood wreath from branches

To make a wreath, it helps to have something to size and form it around as you work, and let it dry on when you’re done. I had an old galvanized bucket that had the right diameter when I flipped it over. I ended up making two sizes of wreaths with the branches.

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For this tree branch DIY twig wreath craft, you’ll need:

15 fresh, pliable twigs, about 15 -20 inches long from a non-toxic tree or bush such as a maple tree, twine , a large galvanized bucket or small galvanized bucket depending on wreath size, scissors.

Bendy maple tree branch for a twig wreath

To make your twig wreath, start by stripping all of the leaves and mini-bits off of the branch. You’ll want the branch to be very, very bendy. Loop it in a circle and tie the ends together to fit what every you are forming it around.

Wrap a bendy branch around a base to start forming a wreath shape

Wrap the next branch around it, staggering the ends and wrap twine around them to hold them together. Do this three or four times with your DIY twig wreath until you have a enough to make a circle. Your circle might be a little lopsided at this time and that’s ok.

Tuck branches around circle to make a DIY twig wreath

Keep adding branches, and start tucking them in at the bottom at various places, wrapping them around the wreath, and then tuck the tops in to hold. Keep doing this until it’s as full as you would like.

Add the end of a twig tucked into the wreath

When adding branches to your DIY Twig Branch, tuck the large end in between other branches.

Loop the branch around other branches to make a DIY twig wreath

Wrap it around the other branches. It will be easier to tuck it between as the wreath gets larger and there are more spaces between the branches.

Tuck the end of the branch into the wreath

Then take the small end, and tuck it under to hold it in place. When starting the next branch, start from around where the last branch ended.

Tuck the end to finish the wreath

Once it’s the size you want, it will be a little wonky.

Making a DIY twig wreath

Place it over the round base evenly and let cure in a cool, dry place for about a week The bucket will help it keep it’s shape as it dries and shrinks slightly.

Use a metal bucket to keep a DIY wreath round while it dries

  I found the smaller wreath was actually easier to make, and held it’s circle shape better than the larger one.

Make a small wreath with fallen twigs

The large wreath took about 45 minutes to make, the little wreath went so much faster and only took about 10 minutes.

Make a small DIY twig wreath with fallen twigs

I let them dry about a week before I took the big one off of the bucket.

Let DIY twig wreaths dry about a week before using


I have a fun way I’ve embellished the wreath to share with you in the next post!

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Tree branch wreath DIY


  1. I have painted branches to put in a vase as a decoration but never tried to make my own wreath. I might give it a try.

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