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Gingerbread House Garland with Free Gingerbread House Printable

Gingerbread actually one of my favorite holiday flavors and I make these amazing soft and chewy gingersnap recipe every year. Gingerbread houses ares such a fun item to decorate with, I thought it might be fun to turn some art I made into a gingerbread house garland with free gingerbread printable. The directions and how to make the garland are below.

Free printable gingerbread house garland over a window

I arranged them on the paper so they can be printed in two sheets. I printed my version on card stock at our local print shop. The gingerbread house collage sheet contains several size and designs as well as a few fun bottle brush trees you can print out and use too. I recommend printing the pages with 3-4 copies each so you have lots of choices when making your gingerbread house garland.

Gingerbread printbale cutout

Cut out the houses along the edges using a pair of scissors. After cutting them out, I used a hole punch to make a hole in each side of the house near the top of the roof line. I used a regular-sized hole punch, but a mini-hole punch might look nicer. The bigger punch did make it easier to thread.

Printable gingerbread house garland

Once the holes were punched, the twine was threaded through the hole and along the back of the house.

Put a piece of tape in the back to hold the house in place

A piece of tape across the string and the back of the gingerbread houses help them to hang straight.

Free gingerbread printable house garland

I added some cute jingle bells to help weigh down the twine and add some cuteness.

Jingle bells are such a cute holiday craft item! See how to make a Jingle bell tree here!

Free printable gingerbread house garland over a window

I used two large jingle bells at the bottom to add weight to hang straight.

Free cut out gingerbread house garland on red and white string

They are so cute as a cheerful addition to your holiday decor… if you didn’t want to create a garland, you could also punch a hole in the top and hang them on the tree as ornaments or as gift tags. These would also be really fun glittered, or with dimensional paint along the white parts to make the gingerbread house garland look iced.

Gingerbread houses free printable

To grab the gingerbread house printable just save to your computer and send as a jpg file to your print shop, UPS store or print on your home computer.

GIngerbead houses free printable and garland

I hope you enjoy the free printable and make your own gingerbread house garland. They are so fun and sweet!