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How to Transition Your Home from Holiday to Winter Decor

 It’s that weird time of year again. It’s time for the holiday decorations to come down and us to slide into the new year. I don’t know about you,  even though it feels so much cleaner but sometimes I struggle with the house actually feeling a little bit empty when all of the Christmas decor comes down too, and It’s always nice to make the house feel fresh and cozy. I’ve pulled together five simple tips you can use  and how to transition your home from holiday to winter decor easily. Many of these things are probably things you already have on hand, and will make a big difference when the tree comes down.

Blue velvet drapes in a cozy mid-winter living room

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I am a big believer in embracing Hygge. There is something about making my home feel clean and cozy in January that is so appealing. One thing about Hygge is using candle light. It feels so warm and inviting.

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1.Use candlelight or even faux candles to add warmth to a room when changing over from holiday decor to winter decor.

Blue and yellow living room with mid-winter decor
Concrete candle and pink vase on marble

There’s something about that warm glow and flickering flame that seems so cozy, not to mention adding the aroma of an amazing candle. I love candles that feature scents such as Amber, Oak Moss, Vetiver and Palo Santo for coziness like this candle. If burning a candle isn’t an option for you, an essential oil diffuser and battery operated candles have a similar feel. You cans till use many of those scents with essential oil. Also try cedar or frankincense.

2. Add greenery such as real and faux green plants to your space

Bright traditional living room with plants and wign back chairs

Adding greenery and living things really makes a space feel like there is life in it. Some plants also can help you clean your air! And the green of the plants actually act like a neutral color. Pothos are a great beginner plant, and so are Sanseveria.

Trailing Pothoe plant on open shelves

If real plants aren’t your thing, learn more about decorating with plants here.

3.Add Blankets and cozy pillows such as faux fur and faux shearling

WInter living room with faux fur throw and brass and gold

Faux shearling is all of the rage this season. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a faux sheep skin. In the past it’s been used as coat interiors and is so soft. You’re going to see it pop up on all kinds of home decor this winter. I have a few pillows and they are so cuddly. You can also swap out pillows from one room to another to make it feel fresh, or just buy pillow covers like these to go over your existing pillows.

Cover a chair with a faux rug

4.Swap out art and wall decor

DIY ponytail wool roving wall hanging

Wall decor can also bring in a cozy feeling. Adding a warm toned piece of artwork or handmade textile to the wall can make it feel cozier. Find out how to make this ponytail roving yarn wall hanging here.

Abstract art from Minted used in Boho Modern Living Room Makeover

Add mirrors to brighten your home when transitioning  your home from holiday to winter decor

Round wood mirror DIY

The lack of sunlight can be a real problem in the winter and make even a well-lit space feel blah. Mirrors can be considered a source of light in a room. By swapping out a flat canvas for a reflective surface on your wall with a mirror can make the room feel brighter by bouncing light instead of absorbing it. This is a great trick as well if you want to go with a trendy dark wall color, but also are afraid it’s going to be too heavy. It’s almost like adding another window.

Dark gray paint accent wall with a round gold mirror

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