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Make a Jingle Bell Tree

I bought some gold jingle bells on clearance at the end of last season. I wasn’t thrilled about the color, but they were so cheap, I knew I couldn’t pass them up and that they could easily be painted, so I grabbed a cardboard cone and decided to make a jingle bell tree. I thought these would be so cute for either a stand alone decoration or in a group as a table centerpiece.
Jingle Bell tree DIY craft

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I had some white spray paint and some Glitterblast paint to try to make all of these different jingle bells seem like a cohesive set. You can find supplies here.
 Cardboard cone and jingelbells and Supplies for a jingle bell tree
This is a great way to use jingle bells as a craft. You can also pair them up with pom poms to make it even cuter!
Glitter jingle bells and silver jinglebells
I separated out all of my bells according to size. I wanted to arrange them with the smallest at the top and largest at the base of the cardboard cone.
Glue jingle bells to the cone with hot glue
 I hot glued them to a cardboard cone starting at the base and working my way up to make the DIY jingle bell trees.
Glue jingle bells to base of cardboard cone
While I ended up doing biggest to smallest at first and then I realized I kind of liked them a bit assorted so I changed my a pattern up a little as I worked.
Spray paint mix matched jingle bells
 After they were all glued on I took my cone outside and coated it with a few coats of white.
Easy DIY spray paint jingle bell tree
 I also covered some craft store cardboard snowflakes  which I sprayed later with the glitter blast color sparkling waters. If you don’t have glitter spray paint, you can also use white craft glue and sprinkle on glitter as well.
Spray paint snow flakes on newspaper or a tape to change the color
I liked it, but I did notice I had to shake the can a lot to keep it from clogging.I also sprayed my tree in clear glitterblast.
Glue glittered snowflakes to the white spray painted jingle bell tree
Once everything was dry, I hot glued my glittery snowflakes onto my jingle bell tree.
Make an easy jingle bell tree with paint
 I think it’s cute! I would recommend buying more bells than you think you need. I had three boxes and I had to trim my cone down, otherwise I could have used 4!




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  1. This is so cute Jenn! I’m all about some cheap dollar store jingle bells. I’ve got ’em all over my house right now. What a great (and cheap!) way to make a fun gift for someone.

  2. What a cute idea. This year my granddaughter and I decoupaged cones with christmas scrapbook paper and glitter. This is a good thing to remember for next year, as your tree is quite striking.

  3. Jennifer that looks so pretty! LOVE this idea! So simple too! Thanks for sharing I will keep my eyes open for after Christmas sales!

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