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Make a Cute Upcycled Sweater Wreath

Old cable knit sweaters to so fun to recycle and create holiday decor out of! A cute upcycled sweater wreath is the perfect way to recycle an old cable-knit or wool thrift store sweater. It’s a fun craft to make cute Christmas or winter holiday decor with these step by step instructions below.

Easy no sew sweater wreath from an old cable knit sweater

Hi everyone, I’m Jamie and I’m ecstatic to be here on Jennifer Rizzo’s blog today {and as a regular contributor, EEK!}. I blog over at So Much Better With Age and I’m a vintage & french decor loving freak. Okay, maybe not the freak part. Looking for a quick and easy DIY project? I love those kind! This cool sweater wreath project uses just the ARMS of an old sweater so there is no sewing involved!! And if you want to make a wrap sweater out of the rest of it, you can make sweater strips to wrap around another form, or use the excess sweater to make a pillow or ribbons.

Ready to begin with your DIY sweater wreath


  • old cable-knit sweater
  • foam wreath
  • knife
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • mini safety pins
  • embellishments of your choosing
Use a foam wreath form and old sweater to make a wreath


First, you’ll need to carefully cut through one part of your foam wreath form. Once the form is cut Next, cut the arms of an old acrylic or wool sweater.

Steps to making a wreath out of an old cable knit sweater

Thread your arms through the slit you just made until it’s scrunched all of the way around.

Make a slit in the wreath form to slide the sweater on to

Using duct tape, tape the slit you made earlier and overlap the fabric of the ‘cuffs’ of your sleeves together. This will become the bottom of your wreath.

Sweater on a wreath form

The larger part of your sleeves {the part that meets the shoulder} will be pinned together at the back of the wreath with mini safety pins. How easy is that? No sewing!

The backside of the sweater wreath

When I came across this adhesive ribbon I knew it was perfect for this project. Adhesive ribbon! I know, amazing, right? By attaching two strips to some burlap ribbon and you’ve got yourself a nice way to hang up your winter wreaths!

Adhesive ribbon on the wreath with burlap

{and don’t worry, the burlap hanger will cover up all those pins!}

Add ribbon to the cable knit sweater

Now is the fun part to gather some supplies to make a nice little embellishment. I snipped some boxwood from a bush in my yard, used red and white twine, and a little kraft tag with some little stamps and away I went! I just tied the boxwood together with the red and white twine and threaded it through a hole in the sweater. This would be so cute with pinecones or small ornaments as well. For a larger wreath you could use a scarf as a giant ribbon.

Upcycled cable knit sweater wreath

Ta da! I love how it turned out! It’s such a cute Christmas wreath and a great upcycling project!

Use an upcycled sweater to make a wreath with a green embellishment

I made a little Merry Christmas tag with paper tags and a letter stamp kit.

Hand stamp a merry Christmas tag

It’s so fun, and brightens up against my dark wood armoire and looks so cute displayed with the large jingle bells.

Vintage Christmas decor

Thanks so much for letting me share this easy yet beautiful old sweater wreath with you!


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  1. Super, super cute! I just shared a finger knitted wreath on my blog today, but I am definitely going to try this one very soon!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. Wow. I love how cleverly you covered up those sections where the sweater comes together with the burlap ribbon and boxwood n’ tag. It looks so darling! And now I want a special wreath like this for our living room…. Might need to dig through my old sweaters!

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