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Good Reads for Summer

I am a crazy, avid reader and love to just devour anything in print.  I recently read Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. I have to say it’s the first book in a long time that I couldn’t put down. The character went on such an amazing journey. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable, but easy summer read.
Girl in translation book

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There are very few books that immediately upon opening, I can’t put down. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok was one of those few books. From the moment pre-teen Kimberly first steps in the new country of America, she instantly has to put aside part of her cherished childhood, and struggle with her mother’s to make it in a new and foreign place.

Girl in Translation follows Kim’s journey as the young daughter of an illegal immigrant who comes to Chinatown for a better life, while paying back assumed family debt. Her story is riveting and she seems to do the impossible from Kim attending school all day and trying to fit in, in a place she doesn’t even know the language, to immediately having to go to help work until past nine o’clock at night her mother in a sweatshop to make merely pennies and barely have ends meet. She has to constantly manage flip-flopping cultures, while living in a condemned apartment with roaches and mice, no heat, and barely any food. Both she and her mother show a brave spirit and a will to survive. I poured over this book from the first page to the last, completely lost myself in a really good way. The characters were distinct and interesting; it was easy to read, the setting and voice seemed and felt authentic if not sometimes horrific, and yet it was completely enjoyable. I felt as if I was seeing the actual inside of a sweatshop factory in Chinatown, and had a glimpse of their ancient culture with it’s rules and mores. I rooted for Kim and her mother the entire way, hoping along with them for a better life, turning the page quickly as I could so I really see what happened up until Kim’s adult life. No spoilers here! Take Kim’s journey with her and immerse yourself for a while entirely in another place and culture.


If you want to find this book and more than those that are mentioned below, you can see my summer reading choices here in Amazon.

Pale and inetereting book
My family bought me Pale and Interesting, which I am really enjoying.The photography is amazing and the spaces are serene.
Romantic prairie style book
 and I love Fifi’s book Romantic Prairie style. I am going to get to meet her at the Nada sale in a few weeks and am really excited. It’s  a gorgeous book and I love reading through it over and over.
Barbabra Kingsolver book
And this book is just awesome. Any one who wants a peek into organic eating, growing and living local, this is a fantastic book. There is some information in there about organic eating, but you follow her journey eating local. While I am hugely organic and I try to eat local, I just ain’t giving up chocolate and coffee. Not happening. A Do you have any suggestions? I like chick lit, gardening non-fiction and fiction, farm fiction and non-fiction, and I am always looking~!
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  1. I love to read. Are you on goodreads.com? That place rocks. I’ve won books on there.

    I love love loved Karen White’s ‘The Lost Hours’ It was an amazing read. I also enjoyed her book ‘On Folly Beach’ but The Lost Hours was amazing.

  2. I’d recommend (though you probably have already read) Shanghai Girls, The Book Thief, The Help and The Color Purple. Thanks for reminding me about Girl in Translation–I thought about getting that at Christmas and didn’t. Now I will!

  3. I love to read too, but can’t seem to find the time any more…always working on stuff for Canton! LOL
    Then when I do read, I fall asleep..tired from being in Canton!LOL…..Thanks for sharing some good reading though..and I am with you on the chocolate and coffee!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  4. I highly recommend Advice to A Young Wife From An Old Mistress. The writing is beautiful. It teaches a lesson not often taught to wives -not to forget you are a woman. Despite the title, it’s not a “dirty” book. 🙂 I would love to know what you think of it!

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