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Stenciling on burlap….

 I don’t know about you, but for a while, I was so over burlap. It seemed like it was everywhere, but lately it’s been catching my interest again. Here was my original stamping on burlap post.
 I pulled out some letter and number stencils  I had (from Micheal’s), some black acrylic paint and my stencil brush and played a little bit.  The burlap isn’t going to be washed, so plain paint is fine instead of fabric paint.
I laid out my burlap where I could stretch it out.
 And then laid out my message to figure out spacing. I decided on “stay a while” to make into a pillow.
 I only have one “A”, so I’ll just move it when I’m done.
 I stenciled each letter and then over-lapped them slightly to line them up. I eye-balled it, but you could put down a strip of blue painter’s tape to make sure they line up properly.
 It was super easy and fun, so after the first one, I kept going.
I thought this would be cute for newlyweds. You can see how I used the fabric to make a really cute tray.
 And then I did a few numbers just for the heck of it.

 I think this would be cute on canvas too, heavier fabric or even a lamp shade!

I decided to cut the numbers up and make these really cute,little buckets for herbs.

Tomorrow is our favorite flea market find linky party. Even though I didn’t get to do much shopping, I can’t wait to show you the little treasure I picked up.
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  1. so simple, so effective! i use that most basic of stencils (i call them grocery store stencils) in a lot of my work.


  2. Great idea, Jen! I’ve done stencils on Osnaberg fabric and it comes out great on it. Also on something that won’t be washed ~ I did mine on a footstool. I just got two new French design stencils that I’m dying to try out on fabric. There may just be pillows in the making for those!

  3. Jen,
    I think I am always behind the times LOL.I still love burlap.And I love this idea with your stencils.Can’t wait to see your newest treasure.I need to get out shopping.

  4. Thanks for showing us this project. I’ve never tried stenciling on fabric and I don’t know why. Thanks for showing me how easy it is.


  5. Nice stenciling, Jennifer. I had the same burlap burnout till I found a pile in the back of the garage while spring cleaning. Now, I’m using them in projects again.

  6. I LOVE this! I definitely want to try it. The possibilities for personalized pillows, etc. are endless! Thanks, Jennifer, for the great inspiration!

  7. This is lovely– i also did stenciling super similar to this a few weeks ago! Check it out! Hereiwritethesethoughts.blogspot.com


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