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Gray linen drapes for my living room

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share my beautiful,new gray linen drapes with you in my living room. I have the privilege of working with Barn and Willow for this post!

If you haven’t heard of Barn and Willow before, let me introduce you!!!

Barn and Willow

Barn and Willow make high quality,custom linen drapery at a fraction of the price. The drapery is very well made with beautiful finishes, with a lovely texture, and have that linen-y heaviness that feels and looks really high end.

 Many of you know that I love those pops of color thrown in against a neutral background. I decided it would be nice to go with something  a little bit more serene than my normally patterned curtains going into spring and summer. Barn and Willow have a free swatch program where they will send you a swatch kit in up to 5 fabrics of your choice. After agonizing over the swatches,I fell in love with the Gray Mist linen. I really loved being able to try Barn and Willow custom drapery, because I have a very hard time finding something I like. I love that our front window is big; it let’s in a lot of light, but at 110″ across,but I normally have to buy 4 panels and piece them together. With the custom drapery, I have these lovely, long panels that actually fit my window perfectly with out any gaps and I didn’t have to sew anything together! And it’s the same cost as I would have spent buying 4 separate panels all scrunched together. I also like my drapery to lightly brush the ground. I love that I could get that with customizing. Most of the time my curtains look like they are wearing capris.

Gray linen drapes by Barn and Willow #sponsor

It was so exiting to open the box and pull out these luxurious panels!

With the lining and the linen itself, the room gets nice, diffuse light.

Bohemian and modern eclectic living room with gray linen drapes

You have probably also noticed I flipped things around a little from the last time, and I changed out my rug from one from downstairs. I just felt it fit the room better.

I love how calm this room feels now. The gray linen drapes really take it to that next level.

If you are unsure about ordering on-line because you aren’t sure how they are going to  look in your own space,

Barn and Willow have a new program which is really fantastic if you like to see the drapery in your space before making a purchase. It’s called “try before you buy”.

You can order as many sample curtain panels as you would like to try for $1o each and for up to 7 days, and actually try them in your room! They make the returning process easy, all you have to do is drop it back in the mail with a pre-paid shipping label they already have for you. When you place your drapery order, that $10 is refunded back to you.

I think that is a pretty awesome idea. More companies should do that! I think it takes the worry out of wondering if you are really going to like them or not!

They also just released a new section on their website where you can design and get an instant quote for your drapery! It’s very step by step and easy to use, and it takes the hassle and intimidation out of  custom drapery.

Front entry way with gray linen drapes

I hope you’ll stop over and check out what Barn and Willow has to offer. Besides custom drapery panels, they also have linen throw pillows.

Gray linen drapes and large vase, simple, modern and pretty!

I am really in love with these panels.I can’t get over how they look. I’ve had patterned curtains for the last 5 or 6 years. I am pretty sure I’ve been converted to a custom gray linen drapes girl. 🙂

You can also  follow Barn and Willows Instagram here

 and fins them on Facebook.

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This is a sponsored post. While I was compensated for this post, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. Those gray draperies are really pretty, and they really help to make the rest of the room stand out. It is interesting that you choose this look after having patterned curtains for so many years. Perhaps if I did the same thing for my living room, the area would feel more open and less cluttered. I’ll have to look around for something similar.

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