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DIY faux gold chocolate bunny

I found this really fun, wood bunny form at Michaels. It’s intended to  paint and decorate, but I thought but would  fun to use it as a mold to make a faux gold chocolate bunny as a spring/ Easter craft.

Craft bunny wood form from Michaels

First I lined the inside with aluminum foil to keep the paper mache from sticking. I used a product called Fast Mache.

Paper clay would work well too,but it would cost a bit more.

Line wood bunny wood cut out with aluminum foil

It’s a really quick drying paper mache, it’s almost like a paper clay, but chunkier.

Press fastmache into mold

I pressed it into the mold and let it dry. It took about half a box.

Once it starts to firm up, carefully pull it up in one piece and peel the foil back and let it dry the rest of the way. I started to un-mold mine about 3 hours after I finished. It took and entire day to dry, but was ready to paint the next day. If you wanted to make this in plaster instead, it could be ready to paint in a few hours. I liked the fast mache because of how light it is.

Carfeully peel back foil and let dry the rest of the way

Once it’s dry, I painted the entire thing with gold craft paint. Even though I was going to be gold foiling it, if there were bare spots, I didn’t want to let the paper mache peek through.

Paint the bunny gold to cover the paper mache

Once it was dry, I “painted” gold foil adhesive over the entire thing. Here’s a quick lesson on how to gold leaf.

Place full sheet of gold foil on bunny

I brushed away the excess and covered any spot that was bare. Use a soft brush to brush away excess gold leaf

Once it’s done you are ready to use your bunny in your decor!Make this DIY faux gold bunny with paper mache and gold leafI tied a little piece of twine on the neck, but you could add flowers to pretty it up.

It looks like one of those chocolate bunnies, but lasts year round!

 HOw to make a DIY faux gold leaf bunny for an Easter craftIt would be fun to make this faux gold chocolate bunny to line up across a mantle!

Concrete or paper mache  bunny Easter craft

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