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Modern bohemian eclectic living room-the sofa table

After looking at the pictures last week of my small house tour, I wondered what it would look like in what I call my modern bohemian eclectic living room if I moved the glass shelving sofa table unit from next to my window to behind the couch.

Thank goodness for the magic of furniture sliders and a half and hour to kill. 🙂

Modern bohemian eclectic living room

I put the two lamps from the buffet onto the sofa table, and I kept the top clean by just adding a geometric, glass terrarium.

symetrical lamps on a sofa table and a clock as an anchor

Since the large clock is the main focal point, I added some fun, faux succulent plants. I have been in a very plant-y mood lately.  I am pretty sure that’s not even a really a word, but I am going to go with it anyway.

Layered plants and texture for a boho home

I added some plants in the corner recently. I love how the green, variegated leaves look. The one is a Fiddle leaf fig. Home Depot had them for $10 each. The other is a Bird of Paradise plant. It makes me love my little clay bird wall hanging even more.

Stay tuned to see if I can actually keep them alive. 🙂 So far the Fig in my dining room has made it almost a year. I am actually a bit impressed with myself. I know if I ever move it from that location though, it’s going to die.

Natual and eclectic living room

The one thing about the set up, is even though it looked fine from the front, from the dining area it was a bit tight to go between rooms.

And, I would have to run some monster extension cords to actually be able to plug the lamps in.

Modern eclectic living room styling options

It was fun to play with it, but ultimately, I ended up moving it back because it just wasn’t practical right now, I did keep the vignette set up on the buffet for now. But, I was glad I tried it to see how it looked! What do you think? Do you think having that skinny walk through is a big deal or was I right to move it back?

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  1. sometimes men walk like apes, swinging their arms to take out everything around them. Unless I had no sit-arounds in the direct perimeter – I couldn’t handle the tight area it created. Although it created a nice vantage point, a good flow always is nice, and feels spacious.

  2. You were right. It was too tight. But isn’t it fun to play! And, yes, I am also a fan of sliders!

  3. Seeing your home in pictures makes you have a whole new perspective. Small changes make for big impact and renews your love of home. Love what you’ve done, Jennifer.

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