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Holiday Market Snowflake Display

I just got off a very long weekend at the Kane County Flea market this weekend. It was my last Kane and boy was I happy. I was in the poultry barn which is basically a metal covered unheated shed. Saturday, it dipped to about 41 degrees and despite being bundled to the core,I had a chill I just couldn’t shake even after a hot shower that night. Sunday was much better even though I could see my breath in the morning. By noon it was really beautiful outside with the sun, and it was very comfortable inside. And what really made the weekend worth it was all of the fun people I got to talk to.Thank you so much for stopping by to see me! My brother, who is a fab trooper,left his house at 4:30 am to get in line with me by 5:45-6:00 and sits until the gates open. He also helped me hang snow flakes this weekend for my Holiday Market Snowflake Display.

Kane market booth Jennifer Rizzo

I love creating displays and you can see more tips here on 7 seven secrets to merchandising and styling for displays.

Jennifer Rizzo at Kane market

He snapped some pictures with his camera phone. I need a camera phone like that.Holy cow! This was a great visual of the entire set up. When I set my booth up I really like to create a U shape to allow for proper traffic flow. I also like to add height. I placed the giant ladder in the back corner and hung ornaments from it. I also have a folding screen of old slatted doors to use as a backdrop as well and hung bulb lights on the ceiling for light and ambiance.

Jen kane booth 3

I was full on Christmas and people went crazy.  It made everything feel so festive! I loved my Holiday Market Snowflake Display! I have two more shows coming up including The 3 French Hens holiday market

three french hans holiday marketI did that one last year, it was a great market. And Room 363’s Washington Street Holiday Market

The Naperville nook

and I’ll be teaching some classes there too!! I was also going to announce the housewalk this week, wait until you see the amazing homes!!!! I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Hey Jen! Love my new hat. Got so many compliments and told them where to go. Hope they came your way. And I agree about being frozen. I am still frozen. Ha! Look forward to seeing you at Three French Hens! And I hope it will be somewhat warmer for all of us!

  2. Do you know of any shows of the same type that would be in the area of KY, West Virginia, or Ohio. Do you ever go that far?

    Thank You,

    1. I don’t Vickie. If think if you contacted Thistlewood farms she might know.Or google Ohio flea/holiday markets and see what pops up.

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