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How to upcycle a vintage serving platter…. inspired easy decorative fox platter…..

I always see lots of vintage serving platters in the thrift stores. I love the decorations around the edge of the platter, but the inside was just a bit plain. I found clear sticker paper at my craft store and Love how you can print on it right from your computer, or even stamp on it and use it to upcycle all kinds of decor at home.

 I used a great vintage fox image from the Graphics Fairy to use on my decorative platter.

I love all of the vintage images she has on her site. I always seem to find the right one to fit into my projects.Even though I wouldn’t serve food on this, it is a fun thing to use as a home decor item.

use clear sticker paper to dress up a vintage serving platterI found this great vintage fox image at the Graphics Fairy

vintage Fox image from the Graphics fairy

I printed out the image on the clear sticker paper  with my printer,and cut carefully around the edges as close to the image as I could with out cutting the image.

Graphic fairy fox image for a vintage serving platter upcycleIt was as easy as peeling off the paper backing and sticking it on!

It looks like it’s meant to be there!!! I think it’s very Anthro.

It was such an instant update too. I love hoe something so simple can add a fun touch to fall decor!

vintage plate with fox image for fall decorWhile it’s not food safe, I thought it would be super cute for display.

VintageFox plate made with clear sticker paperHe’s very cute and I love this sticker paper! It’s meant for labeling, but this would be a really easy project to add any image to a plate or glass! I love that you could add monograms to your clear,glass plates on the reverse side.Vintage plate with fox image made with clear sticker paper

If you are looking for more fall projects, you can check out this fun gold wreath,

or you could  make pretty leaf place cards.

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  1. Great image and looks great on the plate…
    Now hears a song that will stay in your head…
    “What does the fox say”… Da ding!
    Hope all is well

  2. huh? does your Silhouette actually print? if so, what model do you have. Could you share the clear Sticker Paper brand with us?

    thanks, Jen.


  3. Great project, Jen. Wondering what brand of clear sticker paper you used. Thanks very much.

    (I thought I posted this earlier today, but it seems to have disappeared).


  4. hello again, Jennifer

    I love how this came out. The fox is exactly the right shades of brown for that platter. Could you tell me what brand of clear sticker paper you used? (you didn’t print this on your Silhouette, did you?)



  5. That Graphics Fairy is wonderful, isn’t she? Your plate looks great and very “Anthro”. Funny, I was just at the new Anthro store here in town with my daughter who is a fourth year communication student and studies consumerism an she wanted everything. Later she said that our home is so Bohemian and full of arts and crafts that the store felt like home. Sweet for her to say that. (And, it made for a great blog post for me…lol)

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