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House architecture love

I have this thing about houses and architecture. I love it so much that when I see a house I love, or some kind of house architecture I love, I will snap a quick picture of it for my own reference!

These are some homes and some thing from some businesses I’ve taken pictures of over the last three or four years from all over.

pretty colors and arched window -house architecture

I just loved how the window had such great detail!

dental molding at roof line

and I thought this dental molding was so pretty and interesting.


I loved how this old door had such great wear and tear!

Amazing stone work

Just. Totally.Amazing. Stone work.This was actually a business but you know somebody lived here at one time!

Just beautiful!


I loved this light fixture outside of a shop.

cute victorian

And this is an art gallery. How amazing is this? I would gather all of my books around me like some crazy book lady and read in that turret for hours.

Want to join me? 🙂

Thanks for letting me share these with you!

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  1. The architecture, inside and outside of a building draws my attention too, Jennifer. Light fixtures and lampposts are always of interest to me–so much so that I devote a board to the subject on my Pinterest account. I enjoyed your post today very much!

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love all the old architecture too. They are all so beautiful and you just don’t find that craftsmanship much anymore.

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