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Pretty and simple bathroom counter decorating

I wanted to give our bathroom a little spring freshen up, but we don’t have a ton of counter space, so I wanted to keep it fairly simple.

simple counter top bathroom styling

a few bits and pieces here for some bathroom counter decorating  are perfect!

pretty and simple bathroom counter

That way we still have plenty of room to brush our teeth. 🙂

glass bottle with faux flowers

I added some of the faux flowers from downstairs in an old soap dispenser base,the top pump part broke and I loved the bottom so much I kept it.

I’ve had these crocheted soaps forever. I bought them at Anthro about 3 or 4 years ago.I don’t want to use them, so I keep stashing them away and pull them out once in a while.

pretty soap bottle from Homegoods

I have a thing for typography and found this soap dispenser at Homegoods. I loved the label and the brown glass.The bonus was that the fragrance is lavender, so I was happy all the way around!

bath knobs 1

I also decided to change out the knobs from when we first did the bathroom renovation.

I was ready for something a little more sleek.

bath knobs 2

I found these glass knobs and I love how they blend into the cabinet. They change the entire look!

new bathroom knobs pretty and simple

It looks so much fresher and bright.

clean and simple powder room

I am considering changing out either the light above the sink itself, or even just the glass shades. I haven’t decided yet. I don’t hat the light fixture, I just feel like it’s kind of boring.

Maybe with a shade change of  clear glass, or even a bubble glass I’ll like it again with out spending a ton like I did here. Something kind of vintage modern.

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  1. would it work with the light fixture to just put edison bulbs in? I love the look of them but they don’t give off much light. i have one over my kitchen sink that really doesn’t help much at all – but it looks good! 🙂

  2. This looks great, Jen! I head for the soap and lotion aisles at Homegoods every time I’m there. I simply love the pump dispensers that are inexpensive and oh so pretty! I pick up bar soap at cute little shops here and there and change them out all the time. God forbid anyone use them! lol!

    Jane x

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