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DIY leather wreath

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I’m especially excited to be back sharing this leather wreath with you all this month!


I discovered bags of scrap leather at my local craft store over a year ago and I have been obsessed since. It’s just such a unique medium to create with and I am always thrilled with my final results.
I frequently choose leather in place of fabric or book pages when crafting.
Leather scraps have the most gorgeous textures and colors.
Plus, it is surprisingly easy to work with.
Would you like to create a scrap leather wreath, too?  You only need a few supplies:  scrap leather (I used 2-3 one pound bags), a square cookie cutter for tracing (mine was 2 3/8″), pen, scissors, wire, wire cutter and leather cording.
Start out by tracing and cutting out the squares of leather.  I cut out 90-100. I then created a template and punched two holes opposite each other on each square of leather.  Next, fold each piece of leather in half and thread it onto a length of wire. (Note: I created a loop at one end to hold the leather pieces in place.) The leather must be tightly packed onto the wire. Once you fill the wreath close the wire.  The leather pieces will be random looking, but for a more precise and uniform look, spin each leather piece so the folded side is facing out.
To hang, I threaded a piece of leather cording and tied in a knot.



 I have the wreath hanging in my living room where it adds the perfect combo of neutral and turquoise (my fave accent color) to my décor.
Thank you all so much for checking out my latest project! I welcome you all over to my blog to see what else I’ve been up to!


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