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How to Draw a Gingerbread House: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to draw a gingerbread house with our step-by-step guide. Learn about the shapes you’ll need, the order you draw them in, and even some extra tips to make your gingerbread house your own. Gingerbread houses are always a popular theme at Christmas and can be designed and drawn in so many different ways and you can let your creativity shine. Even if you don’t have a lot of drawing skills, as long as you can draw shapes you can do this!  At the end of the post tutorial, there is a printable template you can print to color or you can trace.

How to draw a gingerbread house with a pencil

Gather your supplies to make your easy gingerbread house drawing

To draw your own gingerbread houses, you just need a few easy supplies:a pencil, paper, ruler,  and eraser and fine tipped black marker.

When you are done drawing your gingerbread house, you can use crayons or markers to color them in. If you draw them on watercolor paper or mixed media paper , you can even use paint to paint your art.

Use a ruler to draw a line

Start by drawing the structure of the house

On your piece of paper, use your ruler to draw a square. This will be the main part of your gingerbread house.  You can also make it a rectangle if you want it to be taller or longer.

Draw a rectangle or square to create a gingerbread house

To draw the roof of the gingerbread house make a line up through the center of the square. This will determine where your roof peak starts. Use your ruler to draw a line down to each side. This will create the triangular shape of the  outline of the roof.

Draw a triangle to make a roof with a pencil

Add windows and doors to your gingerbread house

Once you have the outlines drawn of your house, you can start adding windows and doors. I like to draw the general outline of the windows with a ruler, and then the inside window panes freehand. There is something about them being imperfect that makes it look like a more handmade gingerbread house. Windows and doors can be any shape…square, rectangle, arched or round. Mixing and matching them makes each house more unique. Draw a small rectangle off one side of the triangle to create a chimney.

Hand draw in window panes

Draw in your decorations

The fun part is adding the decorations. I like to start by creating the appearance of snow from the roof, or making u-shapes to create a scalloped roof or roof line.  Small circles can be candy. Swirls can look like frosting, and candy canes. Drawing upside down u-shapes can look like gumdrops, and adding scrolls to the side of the door can also make it fancy and fairy tale-like.

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Add scallops to the roofline of your gingerbread house

Erase your lines and outline

Take the fine tipped  black marker to outline the lines on the gingerbread house you want to keep on your gingerbread house. Use an eraser to erase the pencil lines.

how to draw a gingerbread house with our step-by-step guide Add embellishements to your gingerbread house

Color in your gingerbread house

Once your house is drawn, you can color it in and make it your own in your own creative way. You can add lots of detail  and even add a few gingerbread men or other candy decorations! Use this transfer method if you want to just trace and copy these below.

Gingerbead house template

For more fin gingerbread crafts, grab these gingerbread house printables to make a fun and festive garland.

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