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Paint an Evergreen Pine Tree in Watercolor Paint: Step by Step

Painting an evergreen pine tree in watercolor paint is so much easier than you think! This is a great subject for beginners and With this tutorial I know you can do it! These easy watercolor trees are fast and you only need one brush! You can also watch the fast video tutorial with the post!

Paint an entire forest of trees in watercolor

You’ll just need a few supplies to paint the evergreen trees. Set of watercolor paints (grab you kids set, it’s ok!) that has a dark green paint and brown paint in it. A skinny liner small brush, Mixed media or watercolor paper ( either hot or cold press is fine). Water and paper towels. That’s it!

Add af ew drops of water to use Use green paint watercolor

Tip: to start painting with watercolor paints, put a little water (just a few drops) on your dried watercolor paint and let it sit a few minutes for a watercolor paint to become saturated and easy to mix a bit.

Paint a line with a paint brush in brown paint to create a tree trunk

Grab a little brown paint on the brush and paint a line onto the paper.

Use the same brown paint to make little downward sloping vertical lines from the tree trunk to create branches.

Want to learn how to paint just a pine branch? See this easy tutorial here.

Paint branches all the way down on both sides of the trunk

Continue down both sides of the trunk of the tree . I like to let a little of my trunk show at the bottom, but you could also go all of the way to the ground with your brown branches, especially if you are adding these to a landscape painting.

Paint short strokes in green paint on either side of the branches

Once all of the branches are painted, start making smaller green marks on both side of the branches almost like little bristles. This pine tree painting is so easy because it basically uses short lines through the entire thing. If you are feeling brave, you can add some lighter green marks between the darker green ones as well.

Paint short strokes over the trunk and branches

Once you’ve painted along all of the branches, add a few pine needles down the middle of the trunk at different angles. This creates some inner tree foliage.

Paint an entire forest of trees in watercolor

And that is basically it! See I told you this was a super easy way to paint evergreen pine trees! You

can get creative with these and use them to make gift tags, or your own wrapping paper! You can also experiment with different shades of green and darker shades of brown to vary your trees up!

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