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Cleaning Brass with Ketchup

Now that it’s January, it’s a great time to jump back into regular decorating, sprucing up,and pulling the house together. One of the projects involved cleaning a brass plate with ketchup!

Before the holiday’s, we had started sprucing up our dining area, that included a birch tree mural. We also hung a vintage door on sliding hardware to our dining area, and I added a vintage brass door plate for character.

Vintage door with sliding barn door hardware in dining room Jennifer RIzzo

We have a little built-in alcove area with a curtain that served as a “door” for ages. Even though it was an easy fix to hide the clutter at the time , it wasn’t ideal for me. I always wanted some kind of door there, but there wasn’t the clearance for a swinging door. Thank goodness for sliding barn door hardware! The opening is narrow as it is, and we could only go up to a 27 inch wide door. I knew I wanted a vintage/antique door there instead of new, and had been searching for a while. Mr.R and I went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and after combing through the mountains of doors, found one that would work.

It had a great finish to it, and only a few dings and scratches. It was a little tall, so we did have to trim a little off of the top and bottom to make it work.

Old door from thee restore for a sliding door Jennifer Rizzo

I love all of it’s imperfections; like how there was a door knob at one time that someone patched years and years ago.

Pocket door handle with Patina Jennifer Rizzo

The other side had a cool pocket door handle with lots of wear and patina.

After we hung the door. I wanted to add the final touch, a brass plate I picked up at a antique shop two or three years ago. It was one of those little treasures I came across, that I didn’t have a place for at the time, but squirreled away for the future. It was too cool to pass up.

A vintage brass plate on a sliding vintage door Jennifer Rizzo

It has a perfect place on the center of the door, and  added so much character. However, once it was on, I noticed how dirty it was. I didn’t have any brass cleaner, but I had heard you could clean brass with ketchup, so I thought I would give it a try. After a little research, from what I understand, it’s the acid in the tomatoes that does the work (It won’t work on laquered brass, which a lot of newer brass is because that already has a special coating to prevent discoloration and tarnish.).

Clean brass with ketchup Jennifer Rizzo

If you are going to try it, I would always recommend doing a test patch first on an inconspicuous place, especially if what you are going to clean is valuable. I jumped in, and squirted a little bit on a paper towel, and rubbed it on.

Using ketchup to clean a vintage brass plate Jennifer Rizzo

With a little elbow grease, it immediately started taking off years of grime! What I didn’t anticipate was all of the little grooves I was going to have to get into to really clean it. I have to admit, that was slightly tedious.

Ways to clean brass with ketchup Jennifer Rizzo

I used an orange wood stick, and some paper towel, as well as a cotton swab to get in all of the grooves.

brass cleaning hack with cotton swab and ketchup Jennifer Rizzo

I couldn’t believe all of the dirt that came off! I wish I  had thought to clean it beforehand, next time I’ll know better. I’m on the hunt for more of these vintage door plates. I think they are so cool.

Brass plate after cleaning with ketchup Jennifer Rizzo


After, use  a slightly damp rag to remove any remaining ketchup residue, and buff with a soft cloth. I may go back for a second round, just to see if I can clean up the under-plate a little more. Though, I do like the contrast of the darker brass, and shiner brass against each other.

Did you know that mayonnaise can help remove water rings from stained table tops?

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  1. Love vintage brass. I made a homemade version of brass cleaner once and it worked beautifully.

    1. I love it too. That’s pretty cool that you made your own! Old brass has such a great patina to it.

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