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Wood Countertops after 4 Years

I still love my Ikea butcher block counter tops. In fact I’ve updated my post to talk about what I think about my Ikea butcher block counter tops four years later!Someone e-mailed me recently: How are your wood counter tops holding up?
Ikea butcher block counter top review 4 years later!

 I still love them. They are holding up beautifully. Most of the main counter top I’ve only sealed twice. Right around  the sink has probably been about 4 -5 times, but it is constantly getting wet there and being wiped down. It’s easy to reseal them, its just a matter of wiping  the sealer on before bed and they are ready to go the next morning! A year later I would do them all over again.
-Use the sealer from Ikea. It’s super easy to use. I chose to not use a sealer like Waterlox because I wanted to be able to control the depth of the color and if you use a sealer where you do the entire thing like that of you ever have to fix a stain, you have to sand down the entire section and re-sand so it all seals the same. Now I can just sand down a section and reseal.
-I do not cut or put hot pans on my counter top, I use a marble slab for that.But I do still love them and would do them all over again! Check out this post with the review 8 years later!

Ikea butcher block counterops with apple and white dishes


It’s now 2014 and been 4 years since our kitchen remodel and I still love them. I do have to seal it more often around the sink area, about every months, but it’s a quick wipe of sealer before I got to bed and it’s ready to go in the morning. Other than that I have no water staining or mold or warping. The only place that gets a little grossness is behind the sink. We don’t have a farmhouse sink that goes all the way back so there’s a small gap behind it where the caulk gets gross and needs to get cleaned and scrubbed once a year. If we had a farm house sink we wouldn’t have that issue.

The rule of thumb is if water can’t sit on the surface for 10 minutes with out being absorbed they need to be resealed.

They are warm looking and durable. We had a pickled beet jar sit on the counter overnight and it left a red ring. I sanded it and resealed it in about an hour and it was done. With a natural stone it would’ve been there forever, the same with a lighter laminate.

SPrng inspired sink with Ikea butcher block countertops and a towel on a towel bar

I think they were really worth the money and I would do them all over again.

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  1. What a great post! I have been thinking of replacing our countertops with wood and my friends think I’m crazy. (I have granite and I’m a little ‘over it.’)As for the firefighter stuff–I have often heard that the most trusted people in the US are firefighters. Which kind of segues into do-it-yourself advisor nicely, I think.

  2. Love this post! I’m considering reaching out to local businesses to sell my products. Is there a rule of thumb on the percentage the business should keep from the sale of an item?

    Thanks for your tips and Happy New Year!


  3. Loved reading this Jennifer…knowing more about who you are from who you have been and how your tenacity has kept you going in new directions. Quite inspiring!

    I also value that you share information readily…so many people keep their secrets to themselves…your generosity is not just refreshing it is valued!

  4. Jen love this post! Your countertops look beautiful, I love the color of the paint in your Kitchen. I always enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful 2012!

  5. You are such an interesting person, Jennifer! I only started following you recently and I must make time to go back to your older posts. Your home is just lovely and I took a quick peek in your Etsy, too. Lovely stuff! I look forward to getting to know you better. Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you all for such nice comments! Abby, with wholesaling, it depends on the place. Some places do a 50/50 split, Some places 40/60 and some places will buy outright. It’s important when you sell somewhere for you to decide if it’s worth your while or not.Make sure you are at least getting back your supplies plus. This may be a great post on it’s own!

  7. You rock, Jen!
    Just look at those guns on you, I love it!

    I’m still loving your wood countertops, too.

    I also love how you are not afraid to get out there and make things happen…heck, even “ambush” someone if need be. I’m the same way!

    Wishing you a wonderfully Happy New Year!

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