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Kitchen subway tile backsplash reveal

Our kitchen subway tile is in! It looks amazing, and it was amazing to watch how fast the tile guy was! I know I could DIY it, but it was really nice for once to pay someone else, and have it done quickly, and beautifully without breaking a sweat!

Here’s a look at the before without subway tile, and with the OLD bead-board backsplash.

Jennifer Rizzo kitchen painted white cabinets with brass hardware

And here’s a peek with the old painted on tile backsplash.

Kitchen before subway tile backsplash

And here it is with the new kitchen subway tile!

Kitchen subway tile over stove area with Whisper gray grout

I am so in love with it! We ended up using Whisper Gray grout, and I love how it has a subtle contrast.

White subway tile in kitchen wit buter block countertops and whisper gray grout color. I love this color scheme!

I know bananas are not the most photogenic fruit, but I gotta have my banana every morning. One trick we found to having a wood countertop, is having a marble slab next to the stove. Then I can put a hot tray, or pot down and not worry.

Kitchen subway tile with gray ad white scheme

I love how clean it looks. For me, it changes the entire kitchen. Do you know, it took everything in my power not to make that kitchen towel hang perfectly on it’s bar, but that’s not how we live. Half of the time, I keep the kids from not throwing it on the floor, so I decided however it ended up on the bar it was going to stay. Perfectly imperfect. That’s how we live.Kitchen transom with a boho vintage feel

I tried to get a good shot of the new transom from the back of the dining area. I love how everything looks together.

White ktichen with subway tile and wood countertops

I’ve been looking for a new kitchen island. I like this one, but it’s a little long for our short kitchen, and it was an old desk we re-purposed. I would also love to have something with a bottom shelf on it. but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.I am thinking about building one,since I can’t find anything the right size.

Kitchen sink with window and corbels

I still have to get new switch plate covers. I never realized how the old backsplash wasn’t quite white, and I know it’s going to drive me crazy until I do. I am just going to pick up some inexpensive, plain white ones for now.

Kitchen with open shelving

Everyone always asks me where my microwave is. It used to be next to the fridge, but we love it so much more on the buffet. It also gives us more counter space in the prep area.

Open kitchen sheving in the ktichen

I wish our outlets were laid out a little better. I need a big floral arrangement or something to hide that cord. I was going to Photoshop it out, and then I figured, we all have cords, right?

Though, in most pictures, I do like to clean up stuff that takes away like the old phone outlet, and the old rubbed bronze switch cover I keep forgetting to replace… And yes, we are one of the few people that still has a landline. I know, crazy, right?

Open kitchen shelving idea

Coffee station

One thing I love is our little coffee station. I am a get  up bleary-eyed person, so the least amount of work I can do in the morning to get that first cup, is crazy-important. This is generally my morning in  a nutshell.  I can barely function in the morning until I finish my coffee. I know many of you had mentioned you were also either getting, or thinking about getting kitchen subway tile. I’ll tell you, I love it! Make sure you read this post though about the different kinds. It’s kind of amazing how many there are!But, I think you are going to love how it looks!

The amazing difference subway tile makes in the kitchen




  1. Love the new look, and that you manage to always update in small ways that pack a punch. Did you paint your windows as well? Love the black 🙂

  2. We have a big old landline plug in our kitchen, too. When we redid our kitchen we kind of goofed (well, I did) and assumed we could move the outlet to the other side of the new pantry cabinet (we could, theoretically, but it would cost an awful lot) so we moved the cordless phone out of the kitchen to our bedroom, and we have an empty phone jack now. I drove a nail into the wall above it and I hang my round bread basket on it. It is what it is. I love your tile and I’m so happy you didn’t have to do it yourself. And I love your little pictures on your shelves now! My husband just hung a second black/brown Ekby shelf for me and I’ve been playing with how to style it. Each day, a different way…

  3. We too have subway tile and I’ve never regretted my choice…for someone who doesn’t cook that often, I am happiest in my kitchen. Go figure, lol! Curious, did you purchase your marble cutting slabs retail or did you have them cut at a stone yard? Keep the photos coming 🙂

  4. Looks terrific! I do,still have a landline, not enough outlets, and too many cords. But we live in a home, not a magazine.

  5. It looks so pretty! With the butcher block counters and the subway tile, it’s a beautiful contrast. I love the buffet that houses your coffee station in gray. I have one painted in black and I want to change it to white, except it is painted beautifully and I don’t want to mess it up!

    1. I love the gray too Lynn! I know exactly what you mean, but that’s the good thing about paint!You can always redo it!

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