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Decorating with Vintage Clocks

Like  a lot of bloggers, I have an obsession with clock faces. There is something about not only the patina and wear and charm of decorating with vintage clocks, but they typography of the numbers and lettering. I have vintage and antique clock faces all over my house. It feels a little like that scene from the old movie The Time Machine sometimes, ha ha. They can’t tell time, but they are correct twice a day.
Vintage clock face

When I was in my local Homegoods looking for book ends and I saw some huge broken clocks marked down to way under $10, I knew I had to have them (Never one to pass up a good bargain or opportunity.) . And since I didn’t need them to work, it was even better (F.Y.I. if you ever do find a broken clock you want to work, the mechanical clock parts are at Michael’s for under $10.).  I took them out of their cases and put them over my couch in a vignette with the little vintage alarm clock I found at Farm Chicks. I decided to layer them in a collage on the sofa table behind the couch.

VIntage and new lcock faces mixed together
And since this is the couch I read on, it’s a perfect spot to let time pass me by. 🙂 I l also have large reproduction vintage clock face on the wall next to the couch in the other room. It’s pretty gorgeous and really makes a statement on the wall.
Statement clock in Jennifer Rizzo's Home
On thing I learned about vintage clocks, is that some of them are radioactive, so always double check before you decorate with smaller clocks or decide to display the clock faces outside of their cases. Especially any Wesclox brands or any clocks that may have been glow in the dark.
Vintage clocks on a livng room wall
These clock faces on my living room wall were all safe to have out and display and decorate with. I love the  aged patina of decorating with vintage clocks. You can see how to decorate with larger clocks in this post.


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  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I started looking through your blog & I am so delighted with your style! I just added you to my Blogroll so I don’t miss anything. I love Homegoods too!

  2. Jen….this cracks me up!!! I buy busted clocks ALL THE TIME girl!!!! I love the gorgeous graphics for my artwork and just as they are ~ beautiful! xxoo, Dawn

  3. i love the clocks,they are perfectly imperfect! sorry about your repairs isn’t that the way though, life seems to do that to us. but it sounds like you’ve got a great attitude about it, onward and upward! enjoy your sunday! susan

  4. Good to see you this weekend- hope you found great stuff. We had a near sell out! Thank goodness as there are always bills to pay for unexpected surprises in this old house 🙂 Anita

  5. These are beautiful! I’ve been wanting some clock faces for awhile now, but I haven’t had much luck scoring them for cheap on ebay. Thanks for sharing this idea! I’ll keep my eye out for discounted non-working clocks at the store.

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