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Chair reupholstery

One of the next big projects I would like to tackle is some chair reupholstery.

Traditional chair

(Why yes, that is a Lego house as  a part of my decor. Don’t you have one too?)

I bought this chair on Craigslist for $75. I loved the wood and the shape, but the fabric is just too dark and traditional for my tastes.

Fabric for cahir reupholstery

I was considering this fabric I found at the store, but it just isn’t speaking to me. I am waffling between going with a pattern and going with something really neutral so I can move it around more. What do you think?

Testing fabric on a chair before reupholstering

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  1. Love the French chair style, but I would go more neutral, I read several blogs and think the chairs that Marion at Miss Mustard Seed does frequently might be good inspiration. It’s such a pretty chair, I think you want to showcase the shape, wood and details. And then it would work in multiple settings, even if your color scheme changes in a room. Best of luck with the new house!

    1. I agree with you Lisa on each point that you made. Although I loved the fabric you have picked out, Jen! I must have been under a rock, because I didn’t realize that You have a new home. God bless you and your family in it. May you make wonderful memories there!

      1. Hi Karen, we didn’t move. I think she is referring to the lego house in back?

  2. I love the fabric, but neutral is always nice for future. After 35 years of marriage, I’m finally learning not to spend $1000+ on a floral or bright yellow couch. After going neutral, I realized I can completely change my decorating style with just a few adornments!

  3. With a pattern you may need to match it which isn’t that easy. If this is your 1st time reupholstering I’d use a drop cloth.

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