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Vintage Mahogany Library Stair End Table

I found this little beauty at a thrift store. It’s a vintage mahogany library stair end table from about the 1950’s (They are also called a stair step table.). I assume they are called that because they look like a set of stairs in the library. I simply love them for not only their practicality, but how pretty they are. This one has a leather top that is in such great condition! End tables like this are so well made, and so sturdy! I have to buy them whenever I find them because they are just too good to pass up!

Vintage 1950's library stair end table in mahogany

This one has a bit of a french colonial feel to it with the curved edged and legs. It’s the perfect size for next to my couch and I love that there is a spot for some gorgeous vintage books and in the next picture you’ll see it has a cute little drawer too. I am really torn on weather or not to paint this. The wood is in such great shape, but the mahogany wood feels so heavy and dark with everything in my room.

Vintage books in a stack

I was thinking that if I did paint it,  a distressed vintagey green might be really nice with some artwork on the side. I think for now I am going to keep the vintage mahogany library stair end table as wood. I know the wood purists out there are yelling at me right now not to touch it, and I hear you….for now. Painting these are kind of a pain because of all of the nooks and crannies to paint. And I do love the wood look and how clean it is.  I don’t mind a mix of painted and wood in my home. See how I painted our buffet here.

VIntage Mahogany Library Stair End table with tulips in a vase and vintage books

Right now, it’s been cleaned and waxed and is happy in it’s space! If you loved this post you might also like to see this post on how to use paint to whitewash wood

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  1. I have a similar piece and would love to see a picture if you did end up painting it. It was my husband’s grandmother’s piece and I love it.

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