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Use a 20 x 20 Pillow as a Seat Cushion for Inexpensive Chair Reupholstery

Recently, when I was reupholstering a chair and needed an inexpensive way to make my seats a bit cushier, I found you can “cheat” and reupholster a chair with a 20 x20 in pillow square just as easily as expensive foam cushioning. This is a great chair reupholstery life hack, and when you use a 20 x 20 pillow as a seat cushion for inexpensive chair reupholstery, it’s a great way to add extra cushioning to a chair when you don’t need to replace the entire foam cushion, especially if the old fabric is in decent condition, you are leaving it in place, and you are jut going over it for decorating reasons.
Upholstery life hack, use a 20 x 20 pillow as cushioning to redo a chair. Way cheaper than foam!
Foam cushioning can be very expensive, especially without a coupon. It can range between $11 and $24 a yard. It can get really pricey when you have a few seats.

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That’s why I like to “cheat” and use a square pillow insert. The seat ends up super soft and I’ve bought inserts for as low as $4 each or even used pillows I’ve already had on hand. Make sure if you are doing a set and not just one chair, all of the pillows are the same size and thickness when you use a 20 x 20 pillow as a seat cushion for inexpensive chair reupholstery.

The Trick to recovering an old chair by using a pillow as your chair stuffing is to make sure the pillow is slightly larger than the chair seat. That way there will be more fill for cushioning when you reupholster it.

Awesome furniture life hack. An inexpensive pillow instead of pricey foam!
Just center your pillow between your seat and your fabric. 

Tip: If you want to paint the chair frame after removing the seat cushion, see this post.

It’s okay if the fabric is hanging little over the edge. It will all even out; and whatever is hanging over the edge will compress when the fabric is pulled tight. When reupholstering your chair seat…This is the important part; kneel on your chair seat back and as you pull your fabric to staple it, tucking the edges of the pillow in as you go around.
You end up with a soft, comfortable, inexpensive chair seat! Make sure to wear eye protection and keep your hand out of the staple gun business end.
I am reupholstering some of my chairs as a little dining area makeover. Once The Oak House is done, It will be nice to get on with projects at my own house!!


  1. What a great idea, I have 8 dining chairs I need to cover the seats. The difference is mine have webbing….any ideas?

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