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Make Fancy DIY Faux Fall Fruit Branches

I wanted a pop of color for the home tour, and I wanted something with a natural element, but after shopping around,but I was not about to break the bank on a $30 or $40 fruited branch. For. A. single. branch. Yikes. I made DIY Faux Fall Fruit Branches for a fraction of the price.

Fall display with fDIY faux fall fruit branches

I decided to tackle making my own. It was way easier than I thought and way under $15 for two branches!

Hobby lobby rose hip floral stem

I found these great rose hip floral stems for $8.99 a piece and they were 40% off at the Good Ole’ Hob Lob, I bought 2 loaded rose hip stems for around  $12! I just needed a few real branches. I snuck over to my neighbor’s brush pile and picked out the ones with the best shape ans size I wanted. I did not look like a weirdo at all. Picking through my neighbors discaard brush pile. At 10 am in the morning. Not at all. Besides, they should be used to it by now,I already scope out their garbage on a regular basis.In fact, sometimes they call me now before they throw stuff out.

Use wire cutters to carefully cut the berries off of the floral stem to make DIY Faux Fall Fruit Branches

When making DIY faux fall fruit branches, I used wire cutters(while using eye protection) to carefully cut the rose hips off of the stem.I think they are styrofoam, so I was careful not to squish them.

Roe hips to make your own fruited bramches with

Once I had the berry cut, I used a wood skewer to poke a hole in the top where I wanted to glue them in at.

HOt lguing faux rose hips to real branches

I used low melt hot glue to adhere them onto the branch, careful not to touch the top of the berry.I didn’t want to melt the Styrofoam. I did have to hold them in place for a minute or so until the hot glue set. I only burned myself 3 times. It’s a proud day when you can walk away from a crafting session with only minor injuries. For more handmade fall decor, you can see who to make a twine- wrapped pumpkin, or how to paint faux pumpkins to look more real,or these cute treat or treat bucket planters.

Handmade DIY Faux Fall Fruit Branches that don't break the bank!

I used the smallest faux rose hip berries for the top and the largest on the bottom like a real branch would grow when making your DIY Faux Fall Fruit Branches.

Make your own fruited branches

I also tried to use the sturdier branches, the thinner ones snapped when I pushed the fruit pieces on.

Use fruited branches in a tablescape

It only took me about 20 minutes to do 2 branches.I love how they look and it’s just the right pop of color!

Fall decor table scape with handmade fruited branches

I still have fruit pieces left over to use on another project too!


  1. What is the story on the scrap of flannel? I love it! Is it tucked into the vase to hold the branches up?

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