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Wood slice table runner

Remember how I said I was going to use those wood slices left over from my other project? I used the rest of them on a wood slice table runner!

It was really easy too!The hardest part was waiting for the craft glue to dry. I could have probably used hot glue, but, I don’t know about you,but there is something about hot glue and the smell of burlap I can’t stand. You know how there are just some smells that get to you? Even when burlap was at the height of popularity, it was never my favorite thing to use. In this case though, it seemed like a good fit with the natural theme. I am a nature girl, I would live in the woods if I could! That’s one of my some-days dreams. To live in a house surrounded by woods.

Craft wood slices

The burlap table runner was in the wedding aisle, and used white craft glue to adhere the wood slices.Plus, if you use the craft glue, you can reposition the slices much easier.

Table runner with wood slices

I also glued a piece of rope trim for an accent once I had all of the wood slices on, and placed where I wanted them.

Wood slice table runner

It was really a great way to use up those extra slices, and add a nice touch of Fall to the table. I know it seems like it’s a little bit early to break out the Fall decor, but back to school has already started. My kids go back in a few weeks. It blows my mind that some kids are already back in school! When I went a million years ago, we started sometime in September. It seemed so much more appropriate then. Summer had time to wind down,and the weather had already slowly begun to change.Now, it’s still 90 degrees out and they are headed back!

Wood slice table runner with rope trim for Fall decor

I thought this wood slice table runner was a fun way to also add a rustic,natural touch!

Are you ready for the Summer to end?We always end with a campfire and s’mores, with Homemade marshmallows.

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