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Mid-Winter Living Room Decor

I think the most challenging times to decorate is between seasons, especially right after the holidays. I know sometimes I struggle with mid-winter living room decor. After Christmas, I love to rip down all of the holiday decor, but then everything feels really empty. While I do love how fresh  it looks without the holiday clutter, I don’t like when it crosses over into looking completely bare, I still like it to feel cozy.

Mid-winter MCM boho living room with winter decor living room idea


This year, when my decor came down, I decided to leave a most of my mantel decor up. I loved the colors of the bottle brush trees  on my mantel. They really go well with the pillows from Homegoods, and with my rug from Target. I added a felted woodland garland I bought from Anthro a few years ago.

Mid-winter living room decor, a touch of modern abstract art with navy curtains

One thing I did to make the space look fresh, was change out was my curtains. I went in a slightly daring direction and put up these dark blue velvet drapes.

Blue velvet drapes in a cozy mid-winter living room

I have to say when the drapes are closed, it feels a little like a theater curtain closing, but when they are open, I am completely in love! The darker color is really grounding the room, and really adds color. I moved the abstract I painted from our bedroom and love how it looks next to them.

Boho vase with eucalyptus from The Collective lhe and makery in Lisle

I brought home a little, gray vase from the shop. I couldn’t resist, they are so cute, and  it was perfect for a few sprigs of my favorite seeded eucalyptus.

MId-winter boho MCM living room

I caved a bit, and bought a few things last time I was at Target from the Joanna Gaines line.

Candle and glass vase from Joanna Gaines and Target

I bought the large vase that looks like a wine bottle with it’s top lopped off, one of her candles, and a white vase from another line at Target. I decided  they were an after Christmas present to myself. I couldn’t resist filling it with seeded and regular eucalyptus. It’s one of my favorite vase-filling plants.

Coffee table setting with seeded eucalyptus

My other favorite candle is one we carry in the shop called  ” Hearthside”. It smells like a smoky fire in the best way.

Vintage mcm chairs in boho mid-winter living room

I am still hemming and hawing about recovering the vintage MCM chairs I picked up last year. They have such a great shape, but the fabric resembles an office chair, I just haven’t made my mind up yet as to what I want to cover them with.


Wall clock and snake plant

The fun boho blanket and pillow are from Homegoods. I am looking for a replacement for the sofa, but I haven’t found anything I really love yet. I am trying to resist the temptation of buying a small couch that matches the curtains. I am not sure if I would regret a dark blue couch or not down the road.

I would say the snake plant is thriving. It’s still going strong, and it is actually starting to outgrow it’s container, I’m going to have to figure out whether I re-pot it,  or if I divide it soon.

Blue and yellow living room with mid-winter decor

I love how fresh and colorful the room looks right now! Even on dreary days it feels bright! What do you do for your mid-winter living room decor?Do you like to go completely minimal with your rooms, or leave a few remnants of the holiday up?



  1. Those great MCM chairs could be re-covered with a material similar to the pillows sitting on them! Those pillows are great! It would be a great addition to your lovely room.

  2. Don’t buy the dark blue couch. It will show every piece of fuzz and dust. I had a dark couch for awhile and hated it because it showed everything. You can always use a cover of some kind you can take off if you are wanting a new look.

  3. Dark blue couches (kitchen islands, too!) are a ‘thing’ now, + I’m loving it!
    My experience with having a navy couch is that it shows nothing — perfect!
    I, too, want to hang long curtains at our windows.
    Are you worried about the dark color fading in the sunlight, or am I just a buzz killer?

  4. Love the decor. The mantel looks great up still. I still have my Christmas village up and a few snowmen in my kitchen. I like the village for extra light during this dark month.

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