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Master Bedroom Makeover

We’ve needed a master bedroom makeover for a really long time now. I’ve made a few small changes a long the way, but for the most part, much of it has remained the same.The thing that really made me realize it was time for  a change was when a company shared a picture of our bedroom, and someone commented on Facebook basically saying,this is the worst bedroom I’ve ever seen. And, not to be overly dramatic about it, but then she came back and commented a second time…  I left, and came back, and nope, it’s still ugly. I have to admit, I receive a fair amount of criticism on the net, and have a fairly thick skin, but the fact that she came back and looked a second time to really confirm how much she hated it,stung quite a bit.

When I knew Bona was going to bring their magic, and refinish our floors, I started planning on how I could update the space, and make it fresh and new. I am so excited to share our master bedroom makeover with you today, and how beautifully our floors have turned out. We are so thrilled, and our room is somewhere we really enjoy being now. The best part of it is when we unloaded the storage pod, it was a great time time to purge, and we cleared a lot of the clutter out. It felt really good to move a lot less junk back into our closets and living space.

Here’s a before picture  of our room as of last holiday season.

bedroom simply decorated for the holidays

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Here’s our new light and bright space with our new floors!

Master bedroom makeover a new light and bright space

We painted the walls a very light gray, and added some board and batten. I still have the same bedding,but I added a fun kantha pillow, and  few new larger pillows and new curtains from Target. The bedspread was from Birch Lane and has been discontinued. I love this one which is really similar.

Small master bedroom idea

We moved our furniture around, and added some vintage Mid-century modern pieces, and I painted new artwork for the walls.

Plants in bedroom with fiddle leaf fig

I love having plants in our room and added a few to our space. I am waiting to see if the Fig dies, they can be so picky!

Beautiful wood floors in a boho MCM bedroom

They don’t always like being moved. He hasn’t dropped any leaves yet, so we’ll see if he starts protesting.

I am in love with these floors. I can’t believe we put up with gross carpet for so long!

Boho rattan chair in bedroom

And I love how airy our bedroom feels.

MIdcentury modern dresser and modern round mirror

This black and white abstract art piece keeps moving around. I had it in my dining area recently.

Black and white abstract art


I am so happy that rotten woman said what she said, because it motivated me to stop procrastinating, and make our space somewhere we enjoy being at the end of the day, and waking up to every morning!

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  1. Could you tell us the color and brand of paint? It looks so fresh! Your room looks like it’s bigger and the ceilings taller, I guess due to board and batten. In any event, a pox on the internet troll and accolades to you!

    1. Thank you Deb! I’ll have an info post up very soon. I am so glad everyone loves it as much as we do!

    1. Hi Sarah, I am going to do a shop this room look later this week, so people can find everything, I’ve been getting so many questions about it!

  2. Ok, first of all, the person that made the rude comments is obviously jealous or just miserable. Second, the new room looks great but I really liked the old room too. Love the floors too!

    Pat in Chicago

  3. It’s very pretty and the floors are amazing! The before was very pretty too. Absolutely nothing “ugly” about that before room. I’m glad you are happy with your makeover. Enjoy your new room.

  4. Jen, I seriously do not understand why people think that anonymity on social media gives them license to say whatever the heck they please, not even considering how hurtful it might be. Just awful. Sorry you had to go through that. Your room looks lovely! (It did prior to the makeover as well!) Haters should just get a life and go away. xo

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