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The difference between Modern vs. Vintage Farmhouse…

 One of my readers asked me what I thought the difference was between modern vs. vintage farmhouse.I love the farmhouse feel.There is something so easy about it.And I love that everything is a little distressed,especially since my children distress everything any way,like bathroom fixtures.
The difference between modern vs.vintage farmhouse


True Vintage Farmhouse has all the true elements of vintage and a feel of originality like original fixtures, architecture and embellishments, it’s much more rustic.
Giannetti home Patina Farm kitchen

Vintage farmhouse also has period inspired lighting, pulls and cabinetry and furniture and appliances are true to the style and very rustic.
Vintage neutral farmhouse decor
Even accessories are a part of the farmhouse look.

Glidden Toasty Grey
With Modern Farmhouse, you have the essence of farmhouse with a blending of old and new.  This is something Joanna Gaines does very well. There are vintage-inspired elements, but in the mix are things like sleeker lighting,

Modern farmhouse kitchen decor

Metal tones especially the up and coming brass tones.
Dark gray painted dining room modenr farmhouse style
And “farmhouse sinks” cast in metals and other materials not normally used also, with a little fancy flair to them like this fluted-edge sink.
Modern farmhouse kitchen update
Instead of all traditional butcher block or wood (because that was all they had,) there are granite, concrete, quartzite and even stainless steel countertops. Everything isn’t quite as “rustic.”

Jennifer Rizzo kitchen painted white cabinets with brass hardware

With modern vs. vintage farmhouse, you get the essence of “rustic” farmhouse without the entirely period commitment. It all depends on how you mix it. And, it is all about personal taste though isn’t it? All of those pictures are gorgeous no matter what the style. I think a lot of us that love the style lean towards the Modern Farmhouse.
I hope that explains my view of what I think the differences are.
 What do you think? 🙂
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  1. Great post. I would say I live in a vintage farmhouse with lots of French antiques thrown in as well. You should stop by and check it out! Sew Country Chick.

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