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Lighting Trends: Gold and Soft Brass Light Fixtures

 It’s such an honor when a client trusts me to help them re-envision their home into something beautiful and new. I find many of them have an idea of what they want, it’s just helping them to take the step to implement it.  Since the store opened, our design side has taken off by leaps and bounds. Much of what I try to do is to blend what a client already has, with the added compromise of newer trends, without forgetting along the way what the homeowner loves (that is the most important thing of all.).  One of the trends that is emerging  is gold and soft brass light fixtures. It’s probably because they really go well with the gray trend that has been around for so long, fit in nicely with modern farmhouse, and can sail right into the up and coming boho  and MidCentury Modern styles. Gold and soft bass light fixtures also feel really fresh to me. Even though they were really popular in the early 70’s,  the new metallics  aren’t the brash yellow color of the 80’s, but range from cooler gold tones to aged brass with a soft, warm, and deep color.

Jennifer Rizzo kitchen no Chandelier

In our kitchen, we are still chandelier-less. Because we aren’t moving our electric, it limits what kind of light I can have. I would love something that hangs straight down on a rod, but because of where it’s at, we have to swag the chandelier. So, I just keep searching… It’s not bad looking without a chandelier, it’s just really dark at night with only a few lamps. I am also looking for something that has gold and soft brass color tone as well.

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I thought it would be fun to digitally place a few of them I’ve been looking at in my kitchen. While the mock ups aren’t completely true to size, I tried to estimate as close as I could. And while nothing replaces actual measuring, it’s so much easier to make a choice when you can actually see it!

Jennifer Rizzo kitchen brass drum shade light over island

I love the idea of this solid brass drum shade chandelier, but I’m worried it is too much down lighting for our kitchen. We don’t have can lighting so it would be our main source of light at night.  Our old chandelier really lit the kitchen up brightly.

Jennifer Rizzo Brass and glass kitchen chandelier

This light fixture is pretty, but it feels so much more formal than our house is.

Jennifer Rizzo Kitchen with farmhouse style globe

Just for fun, I added a farmhouse style globe. While it’s not exactly my style, I know this would look really pretty in a lot of other kitchens.

These below are some of the gold and soft brass light fixtures  I’ve been looking at for clients kitchens.

Gold and soft brass light fixtures. The soft gold/brass is a upcoming  2018/2019 trend.


I love number 1. It has a very cool combination of modern and retro.

Number 2 is gorgeous for a home with a traditional touch. The white shades are classic, but the shape of the chandelier arms from underneath has a little flair to it.

Light 3 is just super fun. I bookmarked it because it feels young and fun. I would love to work on a house I can use it in someday.  You just know that couple is cute and wild.

4 is perfect for that home that wants to have a rustic elegance; In a farmhouse meets Europe kind of style.

5 is the kind of light that could go either way. In the wrong setting, it could feel busy, but in the right home, it’s pretty and bohemian.


 I know I would love to find a gold and soft brass light fixture before we get into the holidays, and we really will have to eat by candlelight.

Which of these are your favorite?


  1. I love the warmth that soft brass and gold add, and that drum shade just looks incredible to me in your kitchen!
    It gets my vote for sure 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide on, I’m sure I’ll love whatever you choose!!

    1. I know, I’m having a hard time deciding! There are a few others I would love too I am going to be sharing!

  2. I would be afraid of grease collecting on the drum shade. Not that I’m a neat freak by any means but just Incase you are. Lol

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