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Paint a Boho Dip-Dyed Basket

I love how color is finally coming back, and bohemian style is adding layers of texture to every day decor with baskets, plants and woven materials. I love the look of a boho dip-dyed basket, and it’s such a quick project, and a great way to update an inexpensive, or even just plain old basket already on-hand.

Boho basket before painting

I love the dip-dyed look. A few years ago, I painted table with dip-dyed legs and I love how it just added and extra touch.

I used my HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer to paint my basket after taping off the top. It made it super easy to get into all of the nooks and crannies.

Using a paint sprayer to paint a boho dip-dyed basket

Once the basket dried, I had the perfect place for my Sansevieria plant, which is also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, and Snake Plant.

If you want to see how to incorporate more plants into your decor, check out this post here.

Sanseviera and Fiddle Leaf Fig in a boho living room

I love this plant! It’s so hard to kill. I forget to water it all of the time, and it hangs int here. It’s not picky like a Fiddle Leaf Fig, and doesn’t have other plant issues like aphids.

Snake plants tells you when it needs water by pulling water from it's leaves and creating sawtooth like indentations.

He’s even smart enough to let you know when he needs water, by creating saw-tooth like indentations in his leaves. In act, if you are interested in how to divide your Sansevieria, you can watch this video.

Snake plant in a boho dip-dyed basket painted with a sprayer by Jennifer Rizzo

The navy blue bottom really makes the basket look so much more expensive and interesting, and it was super quick and easy to get in all of the nooks and crannies with my HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer.

Easy Boho dip-dyed spray painted basket DIY

Make sure you check out how I easily enhanced this basket, and see the full project here on HomeRight.

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  1. Wow you surely have lots of talents. I have a bunch of your pillows on my sofa that I change for the seasons but now I can enjoy many of my deck plants by putting them in water! Who knew! You are a renaissance woman. Love your blog. It is so inspiring!! See you soon at your shop when I pick up my August box!!

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