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15 ways to decorate with plants

There’s something about bringing a green and living plant into your home that makes the entire spaces come alive. But it’s more than just plopping them in a corner or on a window sill. I wanted to share with you 15 ways to decorate with plants so you can make them part of your everyday decor. I love conservatory and greenhouse style,plants have always been a part of my life. It was actually one of my chores when I was younger to water the plants at home, and I think there is something in my families blood that makes us crave them. We should do a DNA test on that. Not only are we avid gardeners, but my grandmother had a very cool walkway between  her main house and garage called a “breezeway”. She grew all kinds of Orchids, plants, and mini-trees. Even in the middle of December there was something about the room that smelled loamy and organic. I loved walking in there. I still dream of a house with a small green house  or if  I had an awesome amount of pretend money, a conservatory. We must have been onto something because NASA released a list of plants that actually clean your air and make it healthier!

15 wasy to decorate with plants!

I have some awesome ways to show you how you can incorporate plants into your home.

Home-ology makes a fun plant stand that would fit into any decor, pretty and functional!

Fun DIY swiss corss plant stand

Shabbyfufu greens up her summer room.

Pretty conservatory style

House of Hawthorns show us how easy and fun air plants can be.

The fun of air plants

Mom 4 real made these adorable mason jar planters for her succulents.

Cute succulents in mason jars

If you cna’t get enough of succulents, then this DIY terrarium by 2 Bees in a Pod  is right up your alley!

Suculent terrarium

Bigger than the three of us does  a beautiful dining room make over with just that perfect touch of  living green

Beautiful dining room makeover

Redhead can decorate bring Impatiens indoors.

Bringing Impatiens indoors

A designer at home has lots of cute ways she uses plants in her boho abode.

Plants in a fun basket

Hymns and Verses makes some pretty hanging vases from vintage bottles.

Pretty bottles into hanging window vases

And the Knick of time also has a pretty bottle garland idea.

Pretty bud vase garland from vintage bottles

Bisozozo makes  wood popsicle sticks look gooooooooood for an easy centerpiece idea.

Cute popsicle stick planter

And This cute DIY wall planter by Brittany Goldwyn is pretty fabulous.

Cute DIY hanging wall planter

And I always feel like if you don’t want to care for plants, even adding some fresh flowers makes a huge difference.

Like these cute piggy creamers.

very cute creamer with a little posey of flowers

Putting your flowers in interesting containers can make a huge difference.


Even fake plants can add something pretty,and if you have severe allergies, this might be a good option for you.

Pretty gols sidetable with yellow flowers

Are you ready to get your green thumb on? Before children, I killed every plant around me. Then suddenly, They were doing great. I guess if you can figure out how to keep kids alive, a plant isn’t so hard after that.

15 ways to decorate with plants at home

I hope this 15 ways to decorate with plants inspired you to bring some green  and living color into your space!!!

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  1. These options are so adorable! I am always looking for ways to bring life to my apartment. I especially loved the little plants in the truck, how funny! I cracked up. Are succulents typically sturdy plants or will they need constant nurturing and care? Thanks, Jennifer!

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