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Make a Repurposed Dresser Drawer into a Planter

 This is a fun post from the archives I thought you would enjoy! A garden planter can be anything that can hold dirt. I love finding creative ways to plant my flowers. You can make a repurposed dresser drawer into a planter. It will last about a season, but it’s a perfect way to recycle and upcycle a lonely old drawer!!! I had a dresser drawer left over from a broken piece of furniture and it felt like such a shame to just throw out a perfectly good drawer!
Paint a dresser drawer for planting

To make a repurposed dresser drawer into a planter, start  by prepping  your drawer. I drilled several holes in the bottom so the water could drain out of the bottom. This is important when making something into a non-traditional planter. Otherwise, the water will just sit and after a couple of rains the drawer will just fall a part.

Drill holes in the bottom of the drawer

After the holes are drilled, paint the entire drawer your choice of color, inside and outside.  I picked a bright red for the garden, but  you can use any color you like! Painting the wood will also help it hold up a little bit longer against the elements. Sealing it with an outdoor varnish will help as well. Because the inside is being painted with varnish and paint, I only recommend this for ornamental flowers, and not for anything that would grow veggies or food plants. A stock tank planter is a great container for that!

Paint a dresser drawer for a planter

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to plant (also adding a rectangle planting liner will help the weathering process.)! Add potting soil to the planter and plant pretty flowers! I wanted early season blooms, so I planted pansies in my drawer. Not much flowers so early in the season around here, so they are always a welcome bit of color!

Cute planter painted red from an old dresser drawer with pansies

It’s such a cute way to welcome in spring! It’s also about the time I make my marigold pre-mix for planting and get those going.


planter from a dresser drawer with pansies


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