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Quick and easy mini flower bouquet idea

I wanted to share an idea with you for to make a mini flower bouquet a really quick and easy one! I use this idea all of the time to send flowers for my kids teachers, or even as hostess gifts.  It’s a great way to keep flowers fresh without water in a vase if you are worried about spilling. Though this is always a great idea if you don’t have a vase and want to send a floral hostess gift.

How to keep flowers fresh with out water for mini bouquets

I purchased some $3.00 flowers from the local grocery store and broke them up into sets of 3 blooms each. After separating them,I wrapped them first in a very damp (but not dripping wet) paper towel, and then plastic wrap to keep the moisture in. This will help to keep your flowers from wilting quickly.

Wrap your stems in a ribbon of your mini bouquet

After, I made sure the stems and paper towel were tightly wrapped, I then wrapped everything in a ribbon. I used  a burlap ribbon, but feel free to use something to match your table setting!

I then slid a pretty,vintage silver napkin ring over the top. I love using these mini flower bouquets as a place setting or just a little table accent at a party. There is always something about fresh flowers that makes everything a little more special. And I always love getting fresh flowers… (hint, hint, Hubby if you are reading this…).

Mini bouqest look pretty at place settings

I used these in a photo shoot for a Mother’s Day tea a few years ago in a a magazine feature, along with this easy dessert.

And this tea cup vase, which I love because it looks really cute and only costs about $2.00 to make! It was  a very cute party, I’ll have to dig out the photos and share them with you in the near future!

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