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Make a DIY Pillow from a Dish Towel

I fell in love with a dish towel at Anthropologie , and thought it would make the perfect pillow. I loved the butterfly art work and it already had a really fun bright green trim on the bottom. It was so easy to make a DIY pillow from a dish towel that I wanted to share with you how I did it!
Make a DIY pillow from a dish towel from Anthropologie

First, find an awesome dish or tea towel, I know they  can also make accent great pillows or pillow covers. The best part is, even a higher end dish towel is still cheaper than a pillow of the same  size1 At Anthropologie, their decorative dishtowels have such great patterns and colors sometimes I think they deserve a better place than the kitchen. It was so easy to make too. I wanted to share this easy tutorial with you to make dish towel pillows, no sewing machine  or scissors required! One thing to keep in mind, your DIY Tea Towel Pillows size will be determined by the size of the towel itself. I find the generally run 17 x 30 inches, though Ikea  tea towels have been as big as 20 x 28 inches!
To make my  DIY pillow from a dish towel I folded the towel into 3rd’s  so that the pattern was on the inside of the fold and it was the wrong side out. When folding, I just made sure that the fancy fringe was folded so it would be  on the outside when I turned it right side out again. I then used a needle and thread  and sewed a running stitch up in a straight line up  both sides and turned it  right side out.
Make a DIY pillow from a pretty dish towel
If you don’t want to sew this, you could try keeping it right side out and using either a fusible web with an iron or a fabric glue, but I promise this is an easy sewing project that even a beginner can tackle. Once you’ve made this, try making your own curtains from tablecloths.
Butterlfy pattern on a dishtowel
Once my dish towel was turned right side out again,  I stuffed the pillow insert in through the flap where the fancy trim was at. if you don’t have a pillow form that fits, you can use loose polyfill stuffing or another pillow stuffing from the craft stores I y.
Vintage button on a handmade pillow
On the front, I  sewed on one of my vintage decorative buttons to keep it closed. I love how easy it is to make custom pillows this way! If youre towel doesn’t have a finished trim edge, you can pick some up at the fabric store and use fabric glue or hot glue to attach it.
Pillow made from a dish towel
It’s the perfect little pillow for my living room. I love how cute it is and the perfect accent for my couch!

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  1. Love that store, I lucky to have one down the street from me, the pillow turned out great. you did a nice.It screams SPRING!!!!


  2. I love this project! I have been looking for a perfect pillow for my bed for awhile and can use this idea to make it!
    Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Love it!! Overpriced dish towels can make remarkably well priced pillows. 🙂 I bought an overpriced dish towel that’s a vintage reproduction of a New York souvenir towel. I think it was $16 but when I get around to making a pillow out of it, it’s going to be one of the coolest pillows for under $20 you’ve ever seen. Other than yours, of course. 😉

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