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Anthro "pillow" gie…

I love Anthropologie. I know many of you do too. Even though I can’t afford most of what is in the store, I sometimes manage to pick up a few small bits and pieces here and there.
I fell in love with a dish towel they had, and thought it would make the perfect pillow.
 Their dishtowels have such great patterns and colors sometimes I think they deserve a better place than the kitchen. It was so easy too.
I folded the towel into 3rd’s and  flapped over the trimmed edge,
 and just sewed it along the side seams.
 I stuffed the pillow insert in through the flap,
and sewed in a vintage button to keep it closed.
it’s the perfect little pillow for my living room. I know my posts have been a bit short lately, but I’ve been working on my collection for my spring line, things for the Nada Farm show and my regular job.
I promise to be back with a bit more substance soon! 🙂

And tomorrow is the My Style Evolution Party so stop by for a visit or jump in!

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  1. Love that store, I lucky to have one down the street from me, the pillow turned out great. you did a nice.It screams SPRING!!!!


  2. I love this project! I have been looking for a perfect pillow for my bed for awhile and can use this idea to make it!
    Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Love it!! Overpriced dish towels can make remarkably well priced pillows. 🙂 I bought an overpriced dish towel that’s a vintage reproduction of a New York souvenir towel. I think it was $16 but when I get around to making a pillow out of it, it’s going to be one of the coolest pillows for under $20 you’ve ever seen. Other than yours, of course. 😉

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