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Scary spider Halloween terrarium, or the NOPE terrarium

Yesterday, I posted about my Halloween mantel decor with Michaels, and I had some extra supplies so I made a fun Spider Halloween terrarium.

I had a very cool ,boho terrarium that I thought would be perfect. I could also call it one, big NOPE terrarium as well. Spiders are not my thing at all. NOPE. No way.Even though I’ve gotten slightly braver about “dispatching them” if it’s just me and the kids, I have found the vacuum with the long hose attachment works pretty well.But, the minute hubby is around he becomes the go-to spider assassin. I know they are supposed to be great to eat other bugs, and I can leave daddy long legs alone, but the rest gotta go!

Faux mantel decorated for Halloween

The closest I like to get to spiders is this cute Charlotte’s Web-inspired costume I made last year. You can see it just to the right of my mantel.

spider habitat terrarium

I added moss to the base, and then put some extra grapevine wreath that I had snipped off from my mantel. It a nice extra texture.

creepy Halloween terrarium transformed into a spider habitat

I found a few sticks from the yard to give the spiders a place to climb, and wrapped the spider webbing around them so I had a place to hang the spiders on. I looked up at one point and there were several little real spiders in the corners of my ceiling. That’s the worst part about this time of the year. The minute it gets chilly, all of the creepy crawlies start heading inside.

halloween terrarium with fun fake spiders and moss

And finally I added a small strand of left over fairy lights and the rest of the fake spiders to complete my Halloween terrarium. It looks pretty good! I found it looks better with the door open than shut,

You can’t see everything inside very well if the glass door is shut. It’s almost like the freaking creepiest night light ever, that I don’t think any kid would want in their room. I asked Little if she did and she gave me a “no way” face. Actually, it was more of a “Are you stupid for asking me that?” face, but she is that kid with the faces. It’s like a sarcastic, 60 year old lives inside of her.

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