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Halloween mantel decor with pumpkins,spiders and more

I have some fun Halloween mantel decor to share with you today!

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Boo it yourself

As a part of the Michaels Makers Challenge this month, they wanted us to have fun with their Halloween section and Boo it yourself! I decided to raid the aisle and have fun decorating my faux mantel.

Halloween mantel decor and faux fireplace

It was fun to combine items from the floral and Halloween aisles, and some decor I already had around the house to make a fun and spooky mantel.  Even if you only have a faux mantel, it’s a great place to decorate and add vignettes, like this mantel I did a few years ago,

Or this one with a fun ghostly garland for Halloween mantel decor!

As a decorating base,I started with grapevine wreath roll in the floral section and some faux spider webbing.

grapevine wrath and sider webs

I love how the grapevine has some naturally awkward twists and turns that lend very well to looking a bit creepy.

Faux mantel decorated for Halloween

Layered with the spider webbing and the fairy lights, it looks really cool. I even added a few faux spiders that may have crawled over from the little spider sanctuary I’ll share tomorrow.

I love using books for height. These spooky book covers that I made a few years ago would have worked well.

halloween mantel decor and fairy lights

On the left side, I added a felt cat cut-out, and some vintage books, and copper painted pumpkins.

Fun halloween mantal with felt cat

Yes, I painted real pumpkins with copper craft paint. I am super dedicated like that. 🙂

felt cat cut out and copper painted pumpkin

There were other felt cut outs like bats there as well. Michaels also had these fun glittery crows,and I ended up getting two so I had one for each side. I really love how the fairy lights look, even during the day they add something extra!

funhallowen mantel decor vignette

I used a gold metallic craft paint to paint a birch section from the wood section to use as a place for him to perch on.

fun halloween mantel decor with glass halloween bottles On the other side, I used a vintage metal box for height, and put the other crow and some cute glass bottles from the Halloween aisle. I like how the glass glows with the fairy lights behind them for Halloween mantel decor.

Mantel decor with grapevine wreath and fairy lightsOn the floor, I placed a trio of pumpkins on some vintage and new suitcases and a pumpkin on an urn for height.

Mulit colored pumpkin trio on vintage and new suitcases and halloween decor

And the other side I placed lanterns with a few lanterns from the Halloween aisle.

Lanters and pumkins as decor

If you loved this Halloween mantel decorating idea, and whether you’re into spooky sights, playful pumpkins or giggling ghouls, Michaels is your Boo-It-Yourself Halloween Headquarters and has tons of ideas for DIY costumes and décor.

Be sure to check out all of the other Michaels Makers Boo-It-Yourself Halloween ideas on the Michaels blog!

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    1. Thanks Jillian! I have two since we don’t have a real fireplace. One was a road side find, 😉 and the other I bought at the flea market.

  1. It looks so cute, that pissed off looking cat is my favorite! :o) How do you become one of the Michael’s makers? Do you have to be invited?


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