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An Inspired by Charlotte’s Web Halloween Costume

Raise of hands, who loved Charlotte’s Web as a kid? I did! I even loved the original cartoon movie. It was one of those movies like Rikki Tikki Tavi that the teachers would show (when I am guessing they needed a break from what rotten kids we were.). It was one of my favorite books and childhood movie and the end always made me sad, but I thought it would be such a fun and easy Charlotte’s Web costume because you only really have to make the t-shirt with the dimensional paint if you want! I love making costumes after beloved children’s book characters! The rest of the costume, like black pants or leggings for spider legs, and a long black shirt for underneath you probably already have at home (Wilbur not included! lol.).This would be a cute halloween outfit for a little girl or boy for trick or treating, or even beook week! I love easy DIY costumes!

Easy DIY T-shirt halloween costume with Charlotte's Web

To create the Charlotte’s Web Halloween t-shirt costume you’ll need:

White t-shirt ,Black Tulip metallic dimensional paint ,a black lace table cloth, eye mask (optional) , black colored hair (or black headband) spray paint, black leggings. You can buy supplies here.

Make an easy costume based on Charlotte's web

To begin, lay the t-shirt flat and sketch out a web shape. It’s easy to do by making a dot in the center of the shirt with a marker, and then drawing lines outward like the spokes of a tire. The connect the spokes with a slightly curved line. The nest step is to choose a word. The book used “radiant” and “terrific”. I decided to use the word “awesome”.

Draw out your spiderweb

Then draw your word of choice somewhere on the shirt in the web lines. It helps to really sketch it out first. If you are worried about your lines showing through, You can use a light colored chalk, or even watercolor pencil. It will wash out on the first washing.

Trace over word in marker

Then go over  your spider web with the dimensional paint. It’s ok if the lines aren’t continuous. I am all about handmade costumes that look handmade. Lots of times, that’s a part of the charm of diy halloween costumes.

Tip: to create straighter spider web lines, brace your elbow when you draw the lines instead of letting your arm float freely.

Go over in metallic dimensional paint.pg

I picked the word AWESOME for our Charlotte’s Web Halloween costume which is not actually even in the book, but I liked it.

Some other Charlotte’s Web-inspired words for the costume  inspiration could be: Some Kid, Too Cool, Amazing Human, or Super Star. You could also hot glue mini-plastic spider babies on the web  to bring it up a notch.

lay flat and let dimensinional paint dry

After I filled in the words, I let the t-shirt costume dry over night.

Turn spiderweb table cover into a jacket

Then I took the black lace table cloth which was the perfect size to cut two armholes in for a spider-webby type vest. You can probably also find a pre-made lace vest (or spider web tights) at the costume store as well. NO sewing all for this DIY t-shirt costume all of the way and I love that it can be pulled together on short notice!  We layered a long sleeve shirt under Charlotte’s web-inspired t-shirt because our Halloween’s tend to be cold here. A pair of black sneakers are perfect and comfy for trick or treating.

Easy DIY T-shirt halloween costume with Charlotte's Web

To assemble the rest of the costume, make some spider-type hair with a top ponytail and black hair spray and you are good to go! To make the spidery hair, pull all of the hair up to a high pony tail and hair spray the strands holding them straight up. They’ll stiffly flop over. Once it’s in a spidery shape, spray the entire hair with black hair  spray. It would be fun to add two googlie eyes to make it look even more like a spider.

Fun tshirt costume inspired by Charlotte's web

Little modeled for me so I could show off the costume in action, showing how awesome she is. We even had a few fun high jumps. I love a good t-shirt costume for halloween costume ideas because unlike the plastic costumes of my childhood, kids can really move around. If your kiddos are little, you can skip the mask.

having fun as charlotte's web

It would be cute it you have two little’s to have another go in a Fern costume by using a white t-shirt, and overalls and pig tails, or Wilbur in a tan t-shirt with pig ears. So easy and cute!

Charlotte's Web super hero!!

It was perfect, because it can be really cold her on Halloween and this way I can bundle her and put the t-shirt on top of everything else. A black sweater would look good and keep her warm. We’ve had a few Halloweens where we’ve worn coats over costumes.

Easy Charlotte's web inspired costume with a tshirt and puffy paint

I think the black spray paint making her top pony tail look a little like a spider is one of my favorite parts.Use black hair spray to make a spider for halloween hair

Halloween costume inspired by Charloett's web

I love this Charlotte’s web Halloween costume because it uses a lot of what we already have and since it’s a t-shirt, it’s perfect for little  and big ones and not too expensive.In fact, I might wear the AWESOME shirt myself.

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