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A Long Time ago….I Made a Local Chicago TV Show

Some of you my know this already, but earlier  this year I got the amazing opportunity to co-host a local TV show about the arts in our area. It was called Inside Studio 180  and it was a ton of fun. I went on the audition at the urging of my friend, Eileen, who is a working actress
(If you ever get those Outlook window ads in the Sunday paper, she’s right smack dab on the front.).  And, we actually both got the co-hosting rolls. Before my firefighter/paramedic days and  art days, I was a theatre major, so to get a chance to do  TV show was a dream come true. I met a bunch of different people, everyone from the very talented Harmony Labeff . These pics are all screen grabs so I apologize for the quality.
Jennifer Rizzo Harmony LeBeff and Eileen Duban

For our local Chicago TV show, we interviewed  lots of talented people from our area, including a stunt man, and  even the Empire Carpet guy who sings in a barbershop quartet.
I even got to do my own segment called Crash Course Crafts. which was a dream come true to be able to film a mini-show. I’ve always wanted my own TV show.
Jennifer Rizzo and Eileen Duban in Crash Course Crafts
We also interviewed the illustrator  of Ziggy…. When we finished, it actually made me hungry for more…it was such a great experience and I can read a teleprompter now, so if any one wants to give me my own “Katie Brown Workshop” style show, I’m in..  🙂
Jennifer Rizzo on Inside Studio 180
We actually wrapped last May and I found out that the magic of television is magic to everyone not involved… all of that editing and packaging take  a lot of time.
Jennifer Rizzo and Eileen Duban TV show
Finally after all of that waiting I found out it is finally airing! Right now it’s on Aurora, Illinois on their channel 10, so if any of you live there see if you can catch it and let me know what you think! I’ll let you know if it airs any where else.
In the mean time you can check out the blog and I think there is a clip on there of me introducing a jazz segment. In the mean time, I am going to see if I can put any of the crafting segments on here.


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