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You Creative Business and Getting Started eBook

If you’ve followed my journey here from the beginning, 15 years ago I had a furniture and mural painting business and I painted mason jars to sell at craft shows. I knew I wanted to make extra money and contribute to my income but at the time,I didn’t have much encouragement or direction. I made a lot of mistakes and hit a ton of road blocks, but I was also able to achieve some really awesome things I didn’t think I could do. I wanted to put those thoughts and inspiration into one place. The Your Creative Business and Getting Started eBook was born.

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When I look back at where I started, I don’t think that person thought she would end up where she is today. She had some really big dreams as a young woman and new mom. This older woman sees her and how hard she was trying to make them happen while raising a family. She wishes she could go back in time and tell her what she needed to do to make it smoother, easier, or to get her over a place where she was stuck.

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No matter where we are in life, we often have dreams that sit on our heart. We stop ourselves by thinking thoughts like someone else is already doing it, the market is over-saturated, what if my things or my talent isn’t good enough, or what would people think of me? With those thoughts we often don’t even start or hold ourselves back.

What if you had encouragement to leave those thoughts behind and take a step forward and just start? That’s where Your Creative Business and Getting Started comes in.

When my kids were little, the idea of starting my own business seemed so daunting. Me? Run a business? Who am I? But that also didn’t mean I didn’t have big dreams of things of I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, and things I wanted to happen. Despite that, with all of the ups and downs and life that happened, I grew a creative business and continue to grow and move in new directions.

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I’m here to tell you, if I’ve done it, so can you. You have it in you to step out and walk forward in the dreams you have.

This downloadable e-book is all about that. Giving you encouragement, inspiration, and clickable resources so that you can start stepping forward in your dreams. Your Creative Business and Getting Started is a 73 page e-book about possibilities and direction. It includes talking about active and passive income, diversifying your business and stepping out of comfort zones.

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My hope is that this e-book will help you, no matter where you are in life, how young or old you are, or what you have going on to take that first step. Whether you’re just starting out or if you already have an established business and want to do more.

For the next four days I am offering this e-book at a special price of $14.99. After that it will go up to the regular price of $21.99. I hope this helps you get started or move forward with your creative business!

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