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Agate and Geode Inspired Decor

Geode and Agate Inspired Decor  contemporary gives a boost with very natural and organic elements. It makes it feel much warmer and takes away the starkness. I am going to call it Modern Natural Decor.  I like that you can take those elements,add them to any style such as farm house, Mid-century or even cottage and it gives them a new, updated look.


Crystal and marble tablesetting

Take a vintage glass and metal pendant light and upcycle it into a terrarium or cloche

Placing a geode under a DIY glass cloche with a plant is a fun way to not only add texture but something organic and interesting for the eye to look at.

Crystal and marble tablesetting

Create a small cluster with crystal sections and geodes to make an interesting vignette styled on a marble cutting board.

I love these easy  curtain tie backs from Martha Stewart.They are gorgeous and the colorful stone against the light curtains have a nice contrast.

Martha stewart agate slice curtain tie backs

Try your hand at painting agate-inspired wine glasses,

Agate inspired glassware

and beautiful plates that will make your table feel geode-inspired and fresh.

HOw to DIY paint agate inspired plates and wine glasses

Heather Ross geode vignette

I love how rhis vignette  with natural materials by House and home really feels organic and luxurious at the same time.

Mae a pretty agate pattern watercolor note card

Agate- inspired watercolor note cards is easy to do and create a beautiful and custom look.

Make this fun DIY gem and mineral chart with paint sticks and cardboard!

This fun DIY crystal and gem chart is a cool statement and is easy to make.

Geode inspired paint poured tray

You can take a plaint wood tray and make a geode-inspired paint poured tray that is a gorgeous addition for displaying or using for your gatherings.

Dra your card board across your paint to make your pattern

I LOVE this tutorial on how to paint an agate-inspired pattern

Large amethyst against mercury glass

Classic casual home showcases her lovely decor by pairing a mercury glass lamp and large amethyst together.

First home love life agate t

I also love this pretty agate watercolor  wall decor tutorial at First home love life. These are amazing statement pieces.



And the Aestate shows you how to make gold leaf agate book ends for a sophisticated look.

Freckles chick agate decor

And the Freckles chick did this pretty amazing  geode coaster artwork for her gorgeous dining area.

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modern natural decorating ideas


  1. I never realized how beautifully complicated agates are before your post. You have opened my eyes to the beauty within and they are, really, like a slice of the universe. Gorgeous.

  2. I had never thought of agate as decorating inspiration before…thanks for sharing this post. Opened my eyes to the possibilities, and I will never look at a piece of agate the same way again.

  3. You are right on trend with thus gorgeous post! I always try to include something organic in my rooms and these examples really up the game from just a potted plant.
    I swear my parents brought my a geode back from Mexico for my brother and I back in the 70s. They told us it was a petrified coconut and I know it made at least one appearance at show and tell. Wish I still had it!

    Framing a set of these slices for a client of mine right now.
    I am in love with them. One of natures glorious treasures!
    THANKS for sharing these awesome images.
    A 🙂

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