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Finally Published and The Best Thrift Store Shopping in DuPage County

Here it is, in black and white: Finally Published!!!! My name at the top of a real newspaper article! I can’t believe after all of the rejection letters/emails, and trying for years, I am finally published in a real newspaper! I want to thank everyone who left such nice comments too! I hope to have more to share in the future 🙂 It was fun to go into my favorite thrift stores in my town and be able to highlight them. You know I love thrift store shopping and decorating on a budget so it was the perfect article for me to write.
Jennifer Rizzo First Published Article The best thrift store shopping in Dupage County Illinois

It’s one step closer to my dream of being in magazines, writing a book and being published. It’s one of those dreams I didn’t know if it would ever happen. It’s so exciting to have it in my hands and know it’s a real thing To be finally published makes the old failures so much easier to take knowing that once in a while I am going to get a win. I know there is a quote about falling down seven times, and standing up eight, but man. It’s hard those seven times to keep standing back up when you don’t really know if the eighth is going to happen or not. The truth is you could get lucky and it could be the 8th time, or even luckier and it’s the 3rd time, or not so lucky and it’s the 24th time. I guess the important thing is to just keep standing back up again. If we could only know the future.
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