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Batten board revolution…..

I know many of you have seen this tiny space in our home before. It’s an extra seating area off of our kitchen. It needed a bight of brightness! We decided to add some batten board or board and batten for some visual interest.

room before adding batten board as an accent

This room has one tiiiiiny,high window courtesy of 1959.
I wanted a way to make it brighter and seem more open.
I love the way batten-board looks and I’ve seen how gorgeous it looks on so many other blogs.
Before I put the vertical slats on, I first added my top piece so I knew how high I wanted to go and made sure I cut the other pieces to the right length.
Not every wall or floor is even.
When adding board and batten to your walls,add your top piece first so you always cut your vertical pieces to the corect length
After that, I made sure to beef up my floor trim with an extra piece.
Make your old trim look more expensive and substantial by adding extra trim
It was really inexpensive to do and by painting it white it makes it all look like one piece of trim.
Make your batten board look cohesive by painting it one color. This is BM white dove
After that, I painted it white! I used Benjamin Moore White Dove. I love how clean and crisp and interesting it looks!

Board and batten DIY

It makes the room so much brighter!
Board and Batten or batten board adds nice visual interest.

(You can double click the pics to make them bigger.)
It really opened up the space!
It doesn’t feel so closed in anymore. It’s interesting to look at too.
I love it!
I spaced my boards 13 on center. That way it still had good spacing, but was easier to match up. I bet 14 would look just as good.

Beef up your molding by adding an extra piece

The other reason to “beef up” your trim a bit is so the width of the woods match up better.

Board and batten

It was easier than I thought!
…but worth every penny!!!!
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