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Greenhouse and Conservatory Style Decor

I love the idea of a greenhouse or conservatory style in a living space. In fact, that my future dream home in my head has one. There’s something about bringing the outdoors in in the bitterest season of the year that seems so calming and lush. I know plants make me happy and calm.

How to bring greenhouse and conservatory style into your decor


We can still incorporate that feeling of greenhouse or conservatory style into our own decor. It takes adding bits of living green with more industrial and romantic finds for a “collected feel.” Adding lots of plays is key.

Bright traditional living room with plants and wign back chairs

Achieving true conservatory style involves adding green and natural elements such as ferns and moss.

DIY moss topiary

Intersperse with natural wood, concrete and metal urns for an outdoor feel and use .live flowers and potted bulbs to bring life in.

VIntage dough bowl with faux orchids

I love this above picture with the clusters of bulbs and their moss bases.

Brown paper bag faux tulip bulbs

Bringing it into your home can be as simple as adding a few more plants and cloches. If you have allergies, you can even bring in some faux plants, I won’t tell!

vintage lamp shade turned into a terrarium cloche

Lovely larger plants as well such as the fiddle leaf fig really add some much needed green and height. I am very good at killing them!

Bohemian natural dining room

This room  at DesignAddictMom has a beautiful fiddle leaf fig!

Adding touches of green furniture can fill in when there aren’t as many plants and can ground the room the same as black as does botanical images and pictures. It’s a lovely way to feel a bit of spring in the winter cold. Botanical pictures, like these,can bring the green up the walls and clustered in large groupings has amazing impact.

Inexpensive botanical art prints for under $10.00

Cloches can add a nice contrast of sparkle to the room and bounce light with the green plants.

Vintage stacked suitcases with a cloche

Cloches clustered together have nice impact as well.

Pretty yellow tulips in vintage blue mason jars

And don’t forget fresh flowers!!!

Small oak leaf branch in vintage bottle maes a pretty display

I love the idea of adding some of these elements into my home as the temperature drops. I might even try to see if I can kill another Fig plant. 🙂

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  1. I am in love with these looks. I desperately want more plants in my house however the few plants I have Are not getting enough light. My house is a cave. I guess with every plant I buy I need to buy a lamp LOL.

  2. What a beautiful and colorful post..So warm feeling….I needed that now, as we experience an “arctic blast” coming all the way down to the coast of Alabama!

  3. I used to kill ficus back in the early 80s, but I gave up having large indoor plants. Committing serial herbicide just made me feel too guilty. 😉

    1. Ha ha. I know how you feel. There must be wanted posters up for us somewhere in the plant world!

  4. After a very cold Chicago-area walk with the dog this morning, I sat down to do my daily check of your blog, only to find exactly what I needed, green. This post gives me hope that spring is eternal. I have always wanted a conservatory in my house. Imagine walking into a room like the first image and having breakfast while looking out at snow and cold, lovely! Thanks Jen.

  5. Thank you for those bee-utiful pics…gorgeous! And tho I am lucky and have both a heated greenhouse and a large cathedral ceiling-room with plants in the home, there are perfect examples here of how to incorporate the look and feel into any space. It also helps me since I am at work and no plants here and 7* temps outside. Made me light up. Blessings!

  6. I love your sense of humor!! Your blog is full of some very helpful things. I am a brand spankin new blogger and reading all your tips and tricks makes me feel like I actually maybe able to pull this off and grow it in to something bigger! Thanks for the positive juju!

  7. What a fantastic collection of images. I’ve been thinking of moving away from the kind of beachy look I have in my dinning room to something more tropical in nature. This gives me another jumping off point. thanks!

  8. You had me with the first image, but as I continued on, I found that I could easily sit a spell in each of those rooms and feel peace. I’ve wanted a fig plant, maybe I’ll just do that and then see if I can create one of the peaceful rooms above. Thanks for sharing.

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