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Upcycled Lab Flasks and Banana Hanger Made Into An Awesome Hanging Vase

That’s right. I said banana holder, like the kind you see at the thrift store every day,like you might have on your counter right now. How about an upcycled lab flasks and banana hanger made into an awesome hanging vase? This would also be a great for plant propagation!The best part is, I got it in the mail! Because what could be a cooler party idea than 21 people mailing each other whatever they find at the thrift store, and then whatever you get you have to actually do something with? On purpose. In your own home.Nothing. That’s what!

Thrift store blogger challenge!

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We took 21 bloggers and gave them the ultimate challenge. We let the person in front of you send you whatever they found at the thrift store, and they had to send something in turn to the person in front of them.The only rules were it had to be under $15 and  it couldn’t be bigger than a bread box (and no food!). I think sometimes the shipping was more than the item! Talk about a feeling of fear mixed with anticipation of not knowing what you are going to get! And then you have to put your creative brain in gear and make it into something awesome. Luckily everyone was up to the challenge!

My sender was Stacy from Not just a housewife.

Repurposed banana hangers into a vase and plant propagation station

Stacy was very kind to me and did not send old tupperware. 🙂   I am going to show you how I rocked a out the banana hook she sent into a very cool and eclectic vase. First I wrapped the entire stem part up to the hook  in twine and hot glued it. I left the base exposed because I kind of liked the wood. I waxed it with  Miss Mustard Seed antiquing wax to bring out the depth and natural pattern of the wood.

Lab flasks for plant propagation

I then bought a set of 3 scientific glass flasks on Amazon to use for my vase part and I taped and spray painted the bottom of them with gold spray paint.

Painted lab flasks for hanging vases

Then I wrapped some 22 ga. gold jewelry wire around the neck to make a hanger. I would say to be  careful when you handle it not to shatter the glass by wrapping it too tightly. Also don’t hold it by the skinny neck part, that could cause the top pat to snap off. I wrapped it while it was sitting on the table.

Make a wire hanger on a flask neck

I added some water and flowers and it was transformed!

Lab flaks for vases and plant propagation

It’s a hanging vase! Isn’t that cool and funky? I love a good upcycle! I am also going to use them to propagate my plant cuttings. I made a vignette with the other beakers. I love how pretty they look! I love the touch of gold with the lab writing on the side and the flask shape.

Lab flasks with gold painted bases

I think this awesome hanging vase is one of my most favorite projects I have done to date, and I think it was good to be challenged. I might by more flasks and do an entire set across my mantle.

Repurposed banana hangers into a vase and plant propagation station


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Lab flask vase and plant propagtion container






  1. Now THAT is the cutest thing ever! I admit I’d be stumped with this send! So so SO adorable!

    And nope, no hatin’ here. I LOOOOVVE my new old relics thanks to you! 🙂

  2. I love what you have created. Very nice. Where would you find the beakers? My daughter is graduating a masters program this May. She would like to have her first place all to herself. I would love to decorate with beakers as she is a biologist/genetic research. Would appreciate your help. I love what 21 bloggers have done. Excellent way to show all of us how to have a lot of fun with a little bit. Thank you

    1. I have a link in my post where you can find them on Amazon. If you click through my link to buy them I get some credit 🙂

  3. Love it! What a cute idea- and I would have walked right past the banana holder at the thrift store! Love how it turned out! Thanks for asking me to join in today!

  4. Jen,

    You were right….you totally rocked that banana hanger. 🙂

    Love, love, love the gold beakers!

    Happy day to you friend and thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!! I was pondering what I would have done and great minds must think a like because I would have painted it and hung a tea cup with succulents planted in it from the hook. But you idea is more modern and fresh! It is perfect 🙂

  6. You totally rocked the banana hanger!!! Love it with the vase, great idea. Thanks for such a fun and fabulous party, we might have to make this a tradition! XO

  7. I need some twine now, everyone is using twine to rustic things up and I love it!! Love what you did with the vase too! 🙂 Such a fun link up party!

    PS, stopping by from East Coast Creative, I’m their blog assistant! 🙂

  8. Fun! What a cute idea! I think my fav might be Funky Junks lamps.

    Thought you might want to know that a bunch of your links don’t work though so it makes it harder to go thru them all.

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  10. I was just thinking about using the one I had downstairs for bananas, but now I know what I’ll use it for! What a creative idea! Thanks

  11. This. Is. FANTASTIC. I absolutely love what you did! I would have had no idea what to do with a banana hanger thingy but it’s awesome! ;} Thank you again for inviting us to play in such a FUN hop! HUGS girl!

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  13. I have only been blogging about 4 months- yes baby blogger:)- and before that I never did anything online other than pin on my phone- happy moments:) Since miraculously getting the bug to start a blog, I have been bipping around trying to learn from others, and been delightfully surprised at what I have found, however, this idea Jennifer takes the cake. I actually first saw it on infarrantlycreative.net and then continued to take a mini tour of your She Sent Me What Party. What a delightful idea, by far my favorite thing I have stumbled upon yet, gosh what next:)

  14. Great ideas – I just love using something that would otherwise be in the landfill! 🙂

  15. WOW, I spent an afternoon, which I will NEVER see again, totally engrossed in your “She sent me WHAT” project. How AMAZING! I want to be each and everyone of you or at least have you next door. I could have joined in and never left my home. haha

    Thanks SO much for the interesting journey, proving once again that one CAN turn a ‘silk purse into a sow’s
    ear ‘ (reversal intended) with a bit of innovation!


  16. I love what you did with the beakers there. It’s so cool I’m itching to give it a try.
    And thanks for this challenge. It’s really great seeing all the creative stuff bloggers have come up with.

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